A background layer

You can import a set of actions to Action Panel which changes Canvas size with the guide layers. Please load Kwik.atn if you like. You can download it from

Open Actions panel and click the right hand corner’s menu

Load Actions

When you work with Kwik, Kwik needs 1920x1280 .psd (320x480 with @4x system), but the background layer should be 2280 x 1440 or 2776 x 1440(iPhone X), you may want to make the entire background layer visible. The action Show 2280 x 1440 enlarges the Canvas size with the guide layers.

To make a background enlarging 2280x1440. Image > Canva Size

Draw the framed area. If you like to set guidlines

Set it back to 1920x1280

Now you can work with Kwik

iPhone X is 360x694 @4x = 1440x2776

The safe area guidlines,