Creating the second page

Creating the second page

Let’s open file page2.psd.

Then, go to Toolset Project and Pages and click the Add new page button (first button in the first row, below the toolset). Enter the following:

Now you can see the second page in Pages View

Adding audio files

We need two audio files in Page 2. The first one, called lights.mp3 contains the narration of the page sentence. Let’s add it the same way we did before: Toolset Project and Pages->Add audio:

lights.mp3 As Read Me file

The only settings we need are to enable the Read Me file checkbox and set the audio as Short file.


Publish the project again. Don’t forget to enable Export images with orange icon because page2 is added, Kwik needs to generate image files as well.

In the Simulator, click the Read to Me button. It will change pages and automatically start the narration (read to me file) in page2. Notice that we can also navigate between pages by swiping them.

they.mp3 for next tutorial

they.mp3 will be used later. Add it with Audio button with the following properties.

Setting only the Loop to 1 and enabling the Short file checkbox.