Creating Interactivity

Creating Interactivity

It is common, in storybook apps, to have options allowing users to read the story by him or her self, or have the app read automatcially with the read to me option. This is especially popular for children who enjoy the narrated audio. Our story will offer this function too. Let’s set the two buttons of readToMe and readMySelf.

ReadToMe button

Select grouped layer readTome then go to Toolset Interactions (the big Arrow icon). Click the first icon, Add button.

It will open the following window:

Select Audio > Read T0 Me will open the following dialog.

Rename the button name as but_readToMe and click “Create” button.

ReadMySelf button

For the readMyself button (user will read the content without narration playing in the back), we need to disable the Enable Read to Me checkbox. As we want the user to start reading the book after clicking the button, let’s keep the Go to NEXT page automatically option checked.

Next tutorial page will explain how to add the second page