How To Create A Storybook App


This tutorial uses illustrations and sound effects from the courtesy of Leonardo Amora, a Brazilian artist.

So, you’re a master of Photoshop and have a great idea for a storybook app on iPad. Like most, you’re probably not a software programmer and you lack the budget to hire someone to develop your idea. What are your chances of turning your book idea into a reality?

In this article, I will cover how to create a 2-page storybook, directly from your Photoshop compositions, without ANY code. The story will include buttons, animations, audio and a “read to me” feature. You can see the end results here:


Besides Photoshop CC 2014 above (The latest is CC2022), you will need to install Kwik extension to Photoshop

Kwik will be available in Adobe Exchange market in Feb 2022 Check it in Photoshop Extenstions

Kwik allows graphic designers, illustrators and any creative artists to create rich, interactive apps for iOS, Android, Mac/Window within Photoshop. Best of all, Kwik allows you to make interactive content without writing programming codes.


Kwik needs Solar2D in order to preview & build a binary file of an app. Please install Solar2D SDK. It comes with a very good simulator.

With Solar2D, you can publish your app on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS. After downloading Solar2D, follow the installation instructions.

Sample Project File

You can download this tutorial project file. Don’t forget to install the latest Kwik 4. After unzipping the file, open the CoverA.psd file in Photoshop.