Digital App Development

Devices and Platforms(Operating System)

Apple Phone, iPad, TV, Mac
Google Phones, Tablet, TV
Amazon Tablet, TV
Microsoft PC

Complexity means much time and costs to develop an app, challenging is big, but the reward is great

Before you start self-service app publishing

Do a personal assessment?

Option A - submitting your content to other’s app

Strength Weakness
No technical skills required Mostly available for story books
No upfront costs Revenue share
No need of Mac for iOS publishing No marketing control
No need of particular tools No branding control
Faster to deliver No code control

Option Kwik - you create your own app

Strength Weakness
Your can design app Requires specialized tools
No revenue share except 30% collect from stores Initial costs are high
Full control of your marketing More complex to setup
Full control of your code
Full control of your brand

The Story


Icon and naming app

Target Audience


Apple Review Guidelines, Privacy policy and Children’s Online Privacy Act

Quality Control

Avoiding “design on the fly”

Designing Scenes