1. Writing scripts

  2. Pagination

    A digital picture book would have 15 scenes and one tile page. The number of pages is as same as the traditional scheme of 8 sheets of paper used for a printed book. 8 x 2 = 16 and one sheet for the front and back cover of a book, so 15 scenes.

For instance, I wrote down the following table for making pagination out of scripts

Some notes about the scene #1 and #6

1 Design

You get a basic idea about what Kwik can do for an interactive picture book from our tutorials/documents.

The main examples are animation, audio, button.

6 Making Animations

There are simple but effective animation widgets available in Kwik. You can control animation by setting parameters like duration, repeat number, transparency. For instance, a simple linear animation like a car moving back/force, rotating wheels with various parameter settings. Timer function allows to trigger animation after the specified amount of time is passed.