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What’s next?

You may have already download or read about it (newsletter went out few hours ago). Version 1.4 is already live and brings a few (but important) updates. Fact is we would love to add more “stuff” there but, due the current interface limitation, we simply couldn’t. However, the new button system prepares the way for new kinds of interactions, you will see in version 1.5. Below, a quick glimpse of the new interface: Although we are not disclosing any new feature yet, you can see that it less cluttered, with features categorized. This approach (we hope) will enable us to add more resources, simplifying the way you access them. Besides…

Few tricks in animations

If you follow my personal blog ( – Twitter: @alexandres), you probably have read already I am working on a personal illustrated book for children, called Candice (see the characters studies and the overall story plot at the blog). My intention is to share a few tricks here, while building my book project (when published, I will share also part of the files). The first one I used in a demo I used at SCBWI workshop in Orlando this past weekend, is explained below. Let’s see the final result first: Final animation   The Photoshop file is pretty simple, containing only 3 layers (sky, witch and Candice – the title)….

Addressing 31 suggestions and feedback from Kwik Survey – Part 2

This post concludes the list of suggestions and feedback that came from our survey. Enjoy! 17) “A page flip animation and timers would be great. I would also love to try Kwik for apps (native UI stuff).” Page flip has been much harder to implement than expected. Ansca is working on a way to implement it natively and we believe this is going to be the best way to have it. Native UI is in the future list. Fact is native UI is still in its first day with Corona. The current implementation, in our opinion, is not yet 100% ok, with several components being missed and not very stable…

Addressing 31 suggestions and feedback from Kwik Survey – Part 1

You may have seen the results already of our Kwik Survey (if not, they are here: The pages does not show the list of suggestions and feedback receive. Below, the list with our comments. Again, thanks for your participation! 1) “Generally it’s a great and very useful product for people with little to no coding experience. What makes it shine is the really good customer and technical support and the frequent updates. As for feedback and suggestions if i’ll encounter any while I’m working in Kwik I’ll let you know, like I did so far.” Well, no comments here besides, thanks! 2) “Need Kwik for Fireworks” Not in the…

More updates sooner… Or not?

With 1.2 delivered, we are taking a moment to learn more what our users really wants us to prioritize for the next updates. As most of you know, we have an open forum via email, Twitter and the forums, however we are planning to receive a massive amount of information to take best decisions. Saying that, we invite you to check our first “Kwik Survey”, available at When we close this questionnaire, in the next days, we will have a better view of who you are, and what is more important for you. Thanks for doing that! On the same topic, you have noticed that our version updates (not…

About version 1.2

We are busy here finishing to code a few more features and polishing some of the current ones, before to make v1.2 available. As always, we are listening your comments, suggestions and concerns, and taking them in consideration in feature prioritization. However, not all requests will be available in the next update. So, I would like to ask you a little of patience if your favorite feature/request is not listed below. Before I mention what is coming, I would like to share a quick anecdote with you all. Yesterday we had a customer not happy with the way we handle layer names and his comment was “In Flash, if I…

What is coming? A brief roadmap.

As promised, we would like to share with you our plans for future releases. We have received (and hope to keep receiving) lots of feature suggestions and, being a small team yet, we need to make the right choices. Clearly we have two main groups of users, with different needs and requests .Internally we call them designers and coders. Designers want more control on animations and interactions.  Their requests are, in general, related to more animation types, new page transitions and audio controls. Most of them are using Kwik to create interactive books or magazines. Coders, generally non-professional developers or designers with development experience, want more features, variable and logic…

New horizons for designers and illustrators

Less than 3 weeks ago we launched a revolutionary plugin for Photoshop. With Kwik, creative users can create animated comics and interactive books direct from their comps. Yesterday, we announced v1.1 with features that bring even more possibilities to our users. In fact, most of the new features come from direct feedback from our yet small but passionate community of users. The list includes: Audio: Any kind of button can have optional audio attached to. For example, Go To Page buttons can play a “click” sound before going to other pages. Even more important, Page Audio offers now controls for looping and delay. This is a feature requested from several…

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