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Interviewing David Fox

Sync audio and text is probably the top requested feature of version 1.7 so, why not to interview David, from Electric Eggplant, our partner developing the code? Below, David, which is commonly helping other developers at Ansca’s forums (he just open sourced the code for his great comic Be Confident in Who You Are), shares a little of his experience. Let’s welcome David! Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company I’ve been involved in computers and computer games since the 1970’s, and was one of the first employees at LucasArts (then called Lucasfilm Games). My wife, author/educator Annie Fox, and I started Electric Eggplantin 1992 to focus…

Setting up your first project with audio and text sync

You may have seen  the sneak preview of a top requested feature coming with v1.7, the Sync audio and text feature (if you haven’t, check this video:, and probably is wondering what will you need and how to use that. Although the user guide will bring details on how it works, I thought it would be nice to provide some step-by-steps here, not covered in the guide. Preparing your audio files: In order to enable the new feature, you will need a list with the time codes (start and end positions) of each word spoken in your audio file. Several audio software can help you to get this positions….

Interview with Jordan Cohen

Today I chat with Jordan, from vroomity, the author of b.bear abc, another app made with Kwik, available at Apple’s AppStore. Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company vroomity is a startup devoted to creating mobile apps. Its creation was a direct response to the discovery of Kwik, which has enabled a complete app development and launch cycle without software coding. What is your app about? Our first app, b.bear abc, teaches the lowercase English alphabet and requires no prior knowledge of letters. It features a simple and elegant learning path, gentle testing, and gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations. How Kwik helped you to build it? Any favorite features?…

Interview with Alberto Fonseca

Today’s interview is with Alberto Fonseca, one of the developers of Trip Harrison Origins HD.  The app was made by Adventure Works and it is available at Apple’s AppStore. Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company We are Adventure Works, an indie games studio consisting of team members spread out across the US. We’re passionate about making great games and are developing a series based on the original Trip Harrison sci-fi universe. What is your app about? This is the first release from Adventure Works and it’s an interactive short form comic for the iPad and iPhone. It’s an introduction to our universe and features some of…

Chat with Rob Angevine

Rob, from Appburgh and author of If People Have Tails, was kind enough to have a quick chat with me about his experiences with Kwik. Enjoy! Kwiksher) What is Appburgh and what do you do? Appburgh is a experimental startup company. We are investigating rapid frameworks to develop mobile applications. What is Tails audience? Tails is a pre-k interactive book app. Which tools have you used to create Tails? It was developed 100% with KWIK. We took a unpublished children’s book. Converted it to Photoshop and added all the interactive features with KWIK. What do you think about Kwik, having used it for the first time? It is an excellent…

Interview with Sam Saturday

Today I am talking to Sam Saturday, who made two apps with Kwik in about a week only! Sam is sharing his experience with us, and I invite everybody to do the same. Kwiksher) Tell a little bit about you and your companyMy name is Sam Saturday and my company is Saturday Buffet ( My company specializes in producing video trailers for authors to promote their books. But I’m also using Saturday Buffet as an app & game design and publishing company. What is your app about?My first app is called “The Magic Chicken.” It’s a children’s storybook created by author Corky Portwine ( The Magic Chicken is aimed at…

Interview with Travis Daub

This week I had the pleasure of having Travis Daub, from MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, sharing a little of his beautiful magazine Triple Crown, available for free at the AppStore. The app is also found at the New and Noteworthy section of the store and it is a great example of the versatility of Kwik. Kwiksher: Can you tell a little bit about you and your company? I work for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, which produces the PBS NewsHour. We’re a nightly national television news show which is distributed on public television stations. Several years ago, we integrated our digital and traditional broadcast groups in a step towards becoming more “platform neutral.” Since then,…

Guest Post: Creating the Flickering Candle Sprite

This week I invited Malcolm, from Linlou Creative Arts, to share with us some tips on his current project. I hope you enjoy and get excited to contact me to share yours too! Below, Malcolm words: One of our current interactive projects is a Christmas story titled “The Night Before Christmas……The Gift.” In looking for creative ways to display the story text we wanted to use a window that had a very rich, old text looking sort of appearance. What we settled on was an ancient parchment scroll. In keeping with our ancient text theme, we thought it would be cool to illuminate the scroll window with candle light. Candle…

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