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A New Time Has Begun

Today we start “the subscription era” at Kwiksher. After more than two years selling Kwik in a perpetual license model, it is time to follow the industry and move on into the subscription model. I do recognize that subscriptions may not be the preferred model for many of you, after all we are so accustomed with the traditional “buy once and use until it is possible to use”. Although this approach still work for most software, this not fit the mobile area and, consequently, Kwik. Not trying to bother anyone with technical details, fact is Kwik is a code generator for Corona, which is a code generator for Objective-C and Java….

What can you expect about Kwik “Next”?

As promised, I would like to give you an update on the planning/designing/developing phases of Kwik “Next” (there is not final name yet for Kwik’s major update, coming in the last quarter of this year). Before anything else, I am assuming you read my last posting about Kwik and Corona and know already that Kwik “Next” will still be available for Corona SDK only. What are the major goals for Kwik “Next”? I have set 3 main goals for the next major release. They are: Phase 1) Code Infrastructure: Some of you probably noticed that large projects may stuck when pages have more than 200 layers/variables (a limitation from Lua). Some…