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Now you have an app. So, what’s next?

For many people, especially the ones who just published their first app, the excitement of building and seeing the application icon shining at Apple’s or any other store is enough to satisfy their feelings of accomplishment. Honestly, having published some apps in the past myself, it is really pretty cool. However, the “emotion” drains day after day, when the sales do not come, the ratings are not the expected ones and/or the reviews never show up. The purpose of this posting is to provide a few tips on how to build a simple marketing plan for increase your app chances of survival, and keep you excited for the next ones….

Interview with Amanda Tremblay

Today I am talking with Amanda, from Rattledash Media, author of the Poor Poor Jack, another app made with Kwik. Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your companyMy brother Patrick, and I started Rattledash Media in 2011, with our main focus being on publishing traditional pBooks, eBooks, and interactive children’s books for the mobile market. What is Poor, Poor Jack about?Poor, poor Jack is a picture book about Jack the pumpkin, who is trying to find his place in the world. He tries all kinds of jobs but with unfortunate results. Really, he just wants to be someone’s Jack-O-Lantern. We felt that Poor, poor Jack would make a…

It’s not about features…

Last week, two apps made with Kwik were awarded by two different sources. Their success not only make me proud for, somehow, being part of their stories but mostly because they are a clear examples that, having (or not) feature A or B is not the most important thing when you have a good story to tell. Every day I receive several requests about “missing feature A” or “feature B should do more than which it currently does”, etc. Last month I was in some meetups with Carlos Icaza and he mentioned in his sessions about the “benefits” of not having all 5,000 APIs provided by iOS SDK into Corona….

Interview with Beau Lambert and Adventure Works

Today we interview Beau Lambert and Adventure Works about their just released Charmlee Buttonwillow interactive book available on the iPad and iPhone. Alex) Where did it start?Beau: “A Ton of Fun” started off as a traditional illustrated children’s book about a year ago. When I saw Adventure Work’s Trip Harrison app a big light bulb turned on in my head. Adventure Works can bring books to life while still giving a true reading experience! And that is what they did indeed! Adventure Works: For us this was a great opportunity to work on a project that embodies the spirit of adventure and was just a perfect fit for our brand….

Few words about Apple’s iBook Author

Yesterday’s announcement from Apple, of a tool for the creation of iBooks, generated so many news, postings, tweets and even a blog from Carlos (Ansca co-founder): A few Kwik users sent me emails asking me to talk about it and how it (may) affects the further development of the plugin. My thoughts (trying not to be biased) below. iBook Author brings a couple of nice features that will capture the attention of many users (some Kwik users as well). Some reasons for that include: It opens a new platform for delivery of stories; Seems to be much easier to setup and publish to iBook store than app store (no…

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