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Interview with “Sparky” Mark Newell

You probably have seen (and I hope bought) it already. “Sparky, the Shark” is in my opinion the most amazing app made with Kwik so far (I hope other authors don’t be offended with my humble comment here but, I really think Mark and his team nailed it). Saying that, of course I need to chat with Mark, from Biscuit Interactive in Australia. Mark is also kindly preparing another guest post with a few tips and tricks from his arsenal. Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company Biscuit Interactive® is a design, web and interactive studio located in Australia, 1hr from Melbourne, owned and operated for over…

What is coming?

Few weeks ago I released another survey to understand Kwik’s users and their most required needs. Lots of things have changed since the previous research in August. For example, now, almost 90% of the users are using the plugin for more than a month. Almost 27% of them are using Kwik to build an app (not a storybook). 44% are not coming from Ansca’s premises anymore (the news are spreading from word of mouth), and most of the users are from outside the United States. Path animation is the favorite current feature and several apps are going to be released in the next weeks. However, most people probably want to…

Interview with Çağatay Hamamcıoğlu

Yesterday I talked to Çağatay, from Digibiz (Turkey), producer of the gorgeous Çöp İmparatoru (The Garbage Emperor, not available in English yet). Below, his words about the app, future projects and some pressure on me . Hope you enjoy! Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your companyWe have been around since 2003, mainly doing mainstream publishing and advertising. Recently we start to follow interactive story telling and become fascinated with what it can accomplish in terms of telling a story. So we have decided to focus on interactive stories recently and published our first one. What is the app about?Çöp İmparatoru (The Garbage Emperor) is about this cute…

Interview with Francisco Fernandez

Today I chat with Francisco, from Samafra Games, Kwik beta-tester and developer of The Talkative Cloud (and its Spanish version La Nube Parlachina). In this interview, Francisco talks about his experience creating his first app with Kwik. Enjoy! Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company Well, I’m Francisco Fernandez and I live in Spain, I have already a whopping 45 years and for more than 20 I’m in computer science. I have gone through many stages in my work. I started programming in Cobol for several years before Java appeared and I jumped into this new language. Besides, I’ve also programmed in other languages, such as HTML,…

Interview with Greg Pugh

This week I am talking to Greg, from GPAnimations, author of The Perfect Pillow, another cool storybook made with Kwik. Greg is also the designer of a Kwik badge, which we would love to see spread all around (to use it, just download it below): Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company GP Animations was started 6 years ago as a showcase of my work to build up a portfolio after college. I’ve worked in animation instruction, graphic design, internet advertising, Flash development, and most recently, mobile app development. My true passion has always been drawing cartoons in Flash, which because of their AIR for Android/iOS functionality,…

Interviewing David Fox

Sync audio and text is probably the top requested feature of version 1.7 so, why not to interview David, from Electric Eggplant, our partner developing the code? Below, David, which is commonly helping other developers at Ansca’s forums (he just open sourced the code for his great comic Be Confident in Who You Are), shares a little of his experience. Let’s welcome David! Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company I’ve been involved in computers and computer games since the 1970’s, and was one of the first employees at LucasArts (then called Lucasfilm Games). My wife, author/educator Annie Fox, and I started Electric Eggplantin 1992 to focus…

Setting up your first project with audio and text sync

You may have seen  the sneak preview of a top requested feature coming with v1.7, the Sync audio and text feature (if you haven’t, check this video:, and probably is wondering what will you need and how to use that. Although the user guide will bring details on how it works, I thought it would be nice to provide some step-by-steps here, not covered in the guide. Preparing your audio files: In order to enable the new feature, you will need a list with the time codes (start and end positions) of each word spoken in your audio file. Several audio software can help you to get this positions….

Interview with Jordan Cohen

Today I chat with Jordan, from vroomity, the author of b.bear abc, another app made with Kwik, available at Apple’s AppStore. Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company vroomity is a startup devoted to creating mobile apps. Its creation was a direct response to the discovery of Kwik, which has enabled a complete app development and launch cycle without software coding. What is your app about? Our first app, b.bear abc, teaches the lowercase English alphabet and requires no prior knowledge of letters. It features a simple and elegant learning path, gentle testing, and gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations. How Kwik helped you to build it? Any favorite features?…

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