Survey results and free webinar

Few weeks ago, 53 users voiced their opinion on what we should focus for the next Kwik’s release. The chart below shows that animation stills a top request, followed close by in-app purchase. A little behind, multi-language projects, ebook export, then magazine related features. 28 open-ended responses were received, most of them proposing new features, asking for long term requests (mostly page curl ), and sharing good words about Kwik (in fact, only 1 complained about bugs not fixed – I personally would love to receive the list of them for this unknown user). For the full list (total transparency commitment), check here. Again, thanks for your help here. All…

Interview with Brian DeLong

This week I am glad to promote an interview with Brian from Rubber Chicken Media. He is the mind behind the beautiful The Woeful Tale of Anna Minster, waiting Apple’s approval, another app made with Kwik (in fact, as you will read, they are 2 apps! Brian brings us a very nice idea to promote your stories/apps even more). Kwiksher) Tell a little bit about you and your company: Rubber Chicken Media is a small interactive developer specializing in “bringing stories to life…one page at a time.” Combining traditional illustration techniques with the wonders of modern technology, our goal is to engage and entertain not only the young but also…

Good news…

First of all, I would like to apologize for spamming your inbox last Saturday. When I figured out that Path Animation couldn’t handle Sprite Sheets or Movie Clips, I promptly decide to re-write all affected modules to make this great new feature ready for all kinds of scenarios. Having in mind the amount of lines of code to re-write, my decision was to keep you posted that version 1.6 would be postponed and that previous projects should not be compatible anymore. Shame on me! With a fresh mind, I could re-write everything during the Sunday, and get the Beta ready for a few great testers. They have been great helping…

Interview with Rob Mabry

This week we interview Rob, from Sherbert Marketing, another author using Kwik. He is behind the The Zoophabets app, soon to be available at AppStore. 1) Tell a little bit about you and your company My wife and I are co-owners of Sherbert Marketing LLC. We started out as an e-commerce business and now own several niche e-commerce sites, but we are both huge nerds who love gadgets and gaming. I’ve been a hobbyist game developer for a decade toying with everything from Blender and Torque to Ogre and Unity 3D. However, it was always a hobby because there was just too much involved in delivering a full-fledged game on…

A few tips and tricks from an user

Better than us to give you some tips on the best way to use Kwik, this week Selen Pekun, from Turkey, was kind enough to share some of her tricks on using our plugin. She is behind one of the most beautiful storybooks made with Kwik (not yet published). Kwiksher) Selen, please tell us a little bit about you. My name is Selen Pekun. I live and work in Turkey. I am a TV Graphics Designer at a local sports channel named “NTV Spor” for about 3,5 years. I do and take iPad children’s books animations as a part of my future project. How long have you been using Kwik?…

Just an update

As you could see from the previous post, we are already working on the next release of our plugin. Your suggestions and our own list of desired features, have kept us very busy. The survey some of you answered, clearly defined the top 4 priorities we should focus on (I am excluding the Page Curl effect as it needs Ansca’s work) for the next releases. They were: In-app purchase Multi-language projects Path animations Random actions Let me share where we are on these topics: In-app purchase: we moved this to version 1.7 or later, mostly due the fact Corona does not offer this option for Android yet. Although Android is…

Sneak preview and Morris Lessmore

If you, like me, is also a fan of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris (by Moonbot Studios), one of the most successful iPad books, you are in love with the interactions present in the app. One of my favorites is the spinning house (you rotate the house with your finger): With Kwik 1.6 already cooking, I got the sample code from ChunkyApps (available at the Sample Code are from Ansca’s website) and integrate it in the upcoming version. Check the first sneak preview: Cool, no? More about the next release in the next days. Alex

Interview with Jerry Pine

This week we chat with Jerry, from Psi Media Publishers, the forth published author using Kwik. Jerry is behind the My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook app, available at AppStore: Tell a little bit about you: I’m a school psychologist with a former background in media production. I and my wife, who is a clinical psychologist and university professor, produced a few apps designed to run on PCs sometime back using the now defunct Macromedia Authorware and another authoring system called iShell, which is QT based and still available, I think. Our audience was the mental health community. With the downturn in the economy and the emergence of iOS apps,…

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