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Tiled Map Sample

 Tiled Sample Project https://github.com/kwiksher/Tiled_Sample The following opend source projects are used in this sample to work with Tiled Map Editor https://www.mapeditor.org/ Sticker-Knight-Platformer – https://ponywolf.itch.io/sticker-knight Berry – https://github.com/ldurniat/Berry – https://github.com/ldurniat/Sticker-Knight-Platformer-for-Berry

Finger-tracing crossword

A finger-tracing crossword the puzzle layer in page1.psd will become a crossword with the external codes for user to trace each letters of words with the finger. The sample kwik project is here https://kwiksher.com/tutorials/Kwik4/Crossword.zip put these folders to your build4 folder assets/sprites/ components/crossword words are selected from data.lua components/crossword/data.lua local data = { {"Apple","Mac"}, {"Goole","Search"}, {"Amazon","Ecommece"}, {"Netflix","Video"}, {"Microsoft","Windows"}, {"Nvidia","GPU"}, {"Facebook","SNS"}, {"Oracle","RDB"}, {"Cisico","Network"}, {"Tesla","E-Car"}, {"Samsung","Phone Asia"}, {"Nokia","Phone Eu"}, {"Yahoo","WWW"}, {"Twitter","SNS"}, } return data the table size is defined in params.lua components/crossword/params.lua local params = { colNum = 8, rowNum = 8, rectWidth = 20, -- this is @1x, so in psd, need to multiply by 4 becasue of @4x system rectHeight = 20, fontSize = 20, posX = display.contentCenterX, posY = display.contentCenterY } return params layers...

From The Blog: Corona Labs annual update

Corona labs announcment Corona labs will be closed 1st of May on 2020. https://coronalabs.com/blog/2020/02/12/corona-labs-annual-update/ There are so many discussions on going right now in the community. https://forums.coronalabs.com/topic/77157-from-the-blog-corona-labs-annual-update/?p=407357 In short, Corona Labs Inc. is dead, long live Corona. Support Apple's Metal APIs. Directly or through MoltenVK. Migrate to AndroidX artifacts, which would allow for far more easier support of plugins for Android, including updated AdMob. Migrate build system for Apple's platform to Xcode-based, to allow easier management of provisioning and other capabilities which got integrated into Xcode smoothly since when Corona was launched. https://forums.coronalabs.com/topic/77157-from-the-blog-corona-labs-annual-update/?p=407570 P.S. I talked to Walter Luh (one of the original creators of Corona) and he showed interest in getting involved helping Corona move forward! Kwiksher will support the SDK to continue to...

A Simple Responsive Layer

A Kwik4 new feature A simple responsive layer Layer properties has the following checkbox For instance, Left is checked, it translates the layer by the following codes. (display.display.safeActualContentWidth -480)/2 -- iPhoneX notch is identified with safeActualContent the red buttons are sticked to the borders and then each button has set with TOP or Bottom, Right or Left. "Top Left" text layer is set with Top & Left iPhone 6 iPhone X has a notch iPad Pro This feature only works for Ultimate config @4x project only. -- reference Background layer Kwik.ATN for resizing the canvas size of a PSD could be useful to view the entire background layer https://github.com/kwiksher/blog/master/simple_responsive_layer.mdMarkdown with by wp-gfm

Camera Frame – Zoom Pan

Camera Frame with Pan & Zoom Youtube Demo https://youtu.be/msLM1P9syiY Using linear animation to the entire page (sceneGroup) for a shot,panning and zooming. ↓ ↓ ↓ Steps prepare a large background layer create a folder (layer set) named as "-frames" . Notice the hyphen is prefixed with "frames". It tells the layers in -frames are used for camera framing such as Zoom or Pan. rectangles in -frames should have the same aspect ratio of content area. Kwik displays the specified area of rectangles to zoom in/out to the size of the content area. for instance, the following rectangles are created. You can set an unique name to each layer in -frames. Make them transparent to see through the layers under. buildings cat page sky Page Properites,...

Character Animator – PNG sequence

This new feature in Video replacement supports to play PNG sequence files generated from Adobe Character Animator or any other software. You need the latest Kwik4. Corona runs at 30 fps. You can check it with debug print with FPSCalculator However if you create hundreds of pngs with full screen size, the app size becomes huge. Be careful. In Character Animator A background psd file is added. Blending Mode is normal for Blank Face's Character Layer. Export PNG Sequence In Kwik Video Replacement for bg layer. Click Use png files Input the filename of the first PNG sequence. For instance, the sequence starts from "Blank Face.000.png", Blank Face 000 don't need .png at the end Click File: to browse the folder of PNG sequence Folder...
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