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Registering Kwik 2

Some people have reported they are having issues during the registration process (basically they enter the email and activation key, click the Validate button and nothing happens). In order to make things more transparent, I have updated the code (build 2.0.7) to show an alert if this situation occurs. What I have found is it seems to be related to country/area firewall, blocking the connection with Kwiksher’s website. How to solve this? If you are facing this issue and, after a few tentatives, cannot complete your registration process, follow the instructions in the new Registration tab (more on that on the update Settings documentation): Step 1: Send me the number that shows up in the screen (in the example below the number is 273), with…

Migrating from Kwik 1

With the upcoming release of Kwik 2 on September 18th, you may be asking how compatible is the new plugin with the current one. This post tries to clarify some anxieties 🙂 As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, Kwik 2 brings several new features that are not compatible with Kwik (you cannot create a project in Kwik 2 and expect to import/work it back in Kwik 1). Also, due its focus on full apps (not comics), some features available in Kwik are not available in Kwik 2. Let’s talk about what is NOT available in Kwik 2: Comics: some of you already know that Kwik 1 can create comics projects using the old Corona Comic SDK. This SDK was never updated and lacks…

Getting ready to take-off: Showcase, new tutorial and other updates

Showcase: Since we announced the Kwik Showcase,  3 new storybook apps were added: Frederik Spin, tell us the story of a little spider who loves to create webs using gorgeous illustrations; Hello World Idodo’s Dreamy Adventure, allow us to travel with the little Idodo around the world; Oho the Monkey, brings us to the jungle to meet their friends. In all the cases above, no external code was added (pure Kwik apps as I like to say), confirming that Kwik can do its job no matter the experience of its users. Here goes Sparky again! This week Ansca’s announced Sparky the Shark as App of the Month (May) which is amazing for Mark Newell and his team. This is the second time a Kwik made…

New iPad projects or not?

The new iPad is here and it’s Retina screen is really great (I have mine in hands at this moment). The big question now is: should you build your projects or not for the new device? Wait before simply answer “Of course!”. You will see the answer is not that simple. Let’s start with some facts first: – due the size and resolution of the screen, your projects will grow (average) 3x in size; – only 6% of the iPad market is running the new device at this moment; – projects made for the old iPads will automatically be re-scaled by iOS 5.1, with no need of rewriting code (you will need to update your current app using one of the Corona builds mentioned below)….

Now you have an app. So, what’s next?

For many people, especially the ones who just published their first app, the excitement of building and seeing the application icon shining at Apple’s or any other store is enough to satisfy their feelings of accomplishment. Honestly, having published some apps in the past myself, it is really pretty cool. However, the “emotion” drains day after day, when the sales do not come, the ratings are not the expected ones and/or the reviews never show up. The purpose of this posting is to provide a few tips on how to build a simple marketing plan for increase your app chances of survival, and keep you excited for the next ones. 1) There’s work before you launch, and it is not coding… Let’s be very clear…

Creating a multi-language project with Kwik – Part 3

In the past tutorials, we checked how to configure a multi-language project and how to setup images and audio. In this posting, I will cover how to defined animations and buttons. Working with animations First of all, I created a simple linear animation for the kwkwitch layer (the witch in black, which needs to appear only in the English version of the storybook. These are the parameters I set: Still in the same layer, I used the Tools->Set language to a layer button and created a new group: After that, I selected the layer witchspa (the witch in white, to show up only in the Spanish version). Without creating a new animation for it (this witch will “consume” the same animation from its counterpart kwkwitch),…

Creating a multi-language project with Kwik – Part 2

In the past tutorial, I setup the project for a multi-language experience. In this posting, I will teach how to configure images (layers) and audio to just show up when the corrected language is selected. Adding audio files to the project In page2, there is a line of text (for each language) that needs to be associated with an audio file. In order to enable multi-language to audio, name it audio with the same name. For example, if you have an audio called narration.mp3, name it eng_narration.mp3 for the English version and spa_narration.mp3, for the Spanish version. After renaming my audio files to the correct setup, I am ready to import them, using the Pages->Add Audio option. It will open the following window: Browse to…

Creating a multi-language project with Kwik – Part 1

Multi-language ability is one of the top requests from (mostly) international Kwik users.  As the development goes on for version 1.8, I would like to provide this tutorial, enabling the interested ones to get ready for this new useful resource (design once, have it in multiple languages with a few clicks). Remember this is not a final version yet so, minor changes may appear before the beta-testing and final version launch. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to have a project like this: Analyzing the project First I created a regular Book project and designed page1 like this: Checking the LAYERS panel you see: kwkcover is the background used in all pages (originally it was name cover, and then I applied…

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