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Finger-tracing crossword

A finger-tracing crossword the puzzle layer in page1.psd will become a crossword with the external codes for user to trace each letters of words with the finger. The sample kwik project is here https://kwiksher.com/tutorials/Kwik4/Crossword.zip put these folders to your build4 folder assets/sprites/ components/crossword words are selected from data.lua components/crossword/data.lua local data = { {"Apple","Mac"}, {"Goole","Search"}, {"Amazon","Ecommece"}, {"Netflix","Video"}, {"Microsoft","Windows"}, {"Nvidia","GPU"}, {"Facebook","SNS"}, {"Oracle","RDB"}, {"Cisico","Network"}, {"Tesla","E-Car"}, {"Samsung","Phone Asia"}, {"Nokia","Phone Eu"}, {"Yahoo","WWW"}, {"Twitter","SNS"}, } return data the table size is defined in params.lua components/crossword/params.lua local params = { colNum = 8, rowNum = 8, rectWidth = 20, -- this is @1x, so in psd, need to multiply by 4 becasue of @4x system rectHeight...