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Camera Frame – Zoom Pan

Camera Frame with Pan & Zoom

Youtube Demo https://youtu.be/msLM1P9syiY

Using linear animation to the entire page (sceneGroup) for a shot,panning and zooming.


  1. prepare a large background layer

  2. create a folder (layer set) named as "-frames" . Notice the hyphen is prefixed with "frames". It tells the layers in -frames are used for camera framing such as Zoom or Pan.

    • rectangles in -frames should have the same aspect ratio of content area.
      • Kwik displays the specified area of rectangles to zoom in/out to the size of the content area.

    for instance, the following rectangles are created. You can set an unique name to each layer in -frames. Make them transparent to see through the layers under.

    • buildings
    • cat
    • page
    • sky

  3. Page Properites, you can find Camera Frames section to configure delay time, time for transition and easing type.

    if you clikc a row, it opens a dialog

    press OK

  4. Publish

That's all.

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