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Kwik 4.1.1

Kwik 4.1.1

relased on 3rd of September, 2018

Update Doc * https://kwiksher.com/doc/kwik/toolset/project_and_pages/project_properties/publish.html * http://kwiksher.com/doc/tutorials/kwik/publish/ios11_corona_updates.html

Changes between June 13-Sep 3

  • FIX: button disable/enable
  • FIX: IAP simple page lock, googleID was empty
  • FIX: multilingual button with a shared asset image
  • FIX: path animation’s auto turn
  • FIX: path animation’s flipX and flipY
  • Modify: pause at complete is now halt at end. It stops the * animation for a second and start it again.
  • FIX: path animation in utlimate config
  • FIX: physics body with polygon path
  • FIX: path animation FlipX, FlipY without autoTurn
  • FIX: Under export image off, if publishing with pressing * shift key, Kwik exports an image of a single layer selected
  • Modify: time .sec for complete in gotoPage action
  • Modify: up/down/left/right with action for swipe interaction * tool
  • FIX: audio dispose crash
  • New

    • LaunchScreen of iOS (Android not supported)
      • LaunchScreen.storyboardc
    • splashScreen if purchased
    • multi lingual project
      • CFBundleLocalizations
  • Modification

    • Permissions&Features
    • generate Images.xcassets's iconXX.png
    • mySplashScreen 1536x1536