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In App Purchase update

http://www.kwiksher.com/daily/Kwik4_2018_0117.zip FIX: Bookshelf Embedded http://kwiksher.com/tutorials/Kwik4/BookShelf.zip Samples updated too Kwik4's In App Purchase is now using IAP Badger with a state machine and you can test it on Corona simulator. http://kwiksher.com/…/kwik/bookshelf/bookshelf_overview.html Thank you Happy mongoose for creating a nice library. IAP Badger https://github.com/happymongoose/iap_badger Apple store, Google Play and Amazon store are supported The old simple locking page of Kwik3 is also supported in the same way. It is good to test it with Corona simulator now. http://kwiksher.com/…/kw…/page_controls/in_app_purchase.html state machine http://smc.sourceforge.net/