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Updated tutorials and guides for Kwik4

Making Visual Storytelling App With Kwik - A Photoshop Extension I have been working on rewriting Kwik documents .Hope it would be helpful for kwik users to look up the guides and the tutorials for Kwik4. Main new features in Kwik4 are ultimate config (320x480) system mplt files for lua. You find the programming section in Kwik tutorial chapter about the Kwik Tutorial Programming Content Area Kwik3 system 320x480 Migrating From Kwik3 Tmplt and Customization Please read the migrating from kwik3 article, if using external codes in Kwik3 http://kwiksher.com/doc/tutorials/kwik/programming/migrating_from_kwik3.html the doc is still beta. The sample projects from Kwik3 are updated so far Afraid.zip AudioControl.zip Basketball.zip Breakout.zip Camera.zip Canvas.zip Dialog.zip...