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Snapshot Eraser – Kwik4

Snapshot Eraser Demo https://youtu.be/fFa_ZBh2-2E Sample Project http://kwiksher.com/daily/blog/snapshotEraser/SnapshotEraser.zip PSD - page1 there are two pictures as "Fall" and "Mt" layers Fall layer to be scrached to reveal "Mt" layer beneath it. attaching canvas to Fall layer Publish and then customise the lua file of Fall canvas Custom Fall_canvas_.lua \build4\components\page01 folder, you find Fall_canvas_.lua create page01 folder under \build4\custom\components\ copy Fall_canvas_.lua to \build4\custom\components\page01 then overwrite it as the codes below If you change the layer name from "Fall" or "Mt", just change them at UI.canvas and UI.background variables inside _M:localPos() function. You may change UI.canvas.brushSize as you like You may change brush shape by setting your own png image file to createBrush()...