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Making digital picutre book with photshop

Designing Self Publishing

"Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs" Farrah Gray


So, you have drawings or pictures to tell,

what if ...

  • Self - publishing
  • No Revenue Share
  • Less than $300 for publishing cost
  • Advanced features
  • Faster Preview and Publish
  • Creating with Photoshop

As of an Adobe photoshop extension, Kwik simplfies the creation of interactive, animated contents as apps for iOS, Android, Mac&Windows computers. Kwik prdouces source codes for Corona SDK that builds application binaries.

Digital App Market

Devices and Platforms(Operating System)

Apple Phone, iPad, TV, Mac
Google Phones, Tablet, TV
Amazon Tablet, TV
Microsoft PC

Complexity means much time and cost to develop app, challeng is big but reward is great

Before you start self-service app publishing

  • Have a clear view of what is your app about?
  • Will you work alone or in a team?
  • How much money are you planning to spend in the development?
  • Are you planning marketing initiatives with your app?
  • Free or Paid? Trial or In-App Purchase?
  • iPhone/iPad only? Android devcies? PC and Mac?
  • Sketch the workflow of the entire project
  • Plan a schedule and due dates for each task, set each commitment as outputs

Do a personal assessment?

  • are you techie enough to learn and manage how to create your account and app settings at developer's site of apple, google and amazon?
  • can you install SDKs like xCode, Android Studio?

Option A - submitting your content to other's app

Strength Weekness
No technical skills required Mostly available for story books
No upfront costs Revenu share
No need of Mac for iOS publishing No marketing control
No need of particular tools No branding control
Faster to deliver No code control

Option Kwik - you creat your own app

Strength Weekness
Your can design app Requires spcialized tools
No revenue share except 30% collect from stores Initial costs are high
Full control of your marketing More complex to setup
Full control of your code
Full control of your brand

The Story

  • Everything is about story!
  • Underestanding your acts and plot points
  • Be carefull about "classic" stories: why another one?
  • Example: Amelia and the Terror of the Night

web links



Icon and naming app

  • the most important assets
  • you can register the name of your app months before release it.
  • Everything is about ratings now. PR are OK, Reviews are nice, Ratings are MUST!


Target Audience

  • Have a clear "persona" of your user?
  • Age, gender, time of reading, devices etc
  • "Persona" helps to sets art direction(mood) of illustrations and audio and difficulies of interactions and activities

Apple Review Guidelines, Privacy policy and Children's Online Privacy Act

  • Your children apps can not have web links to external sites including yours.
  • Your chiddren apps are better not to have in-app purchase or Ads
  • Parental page
  • How are kid's app developers communicating to parents

web links

Quality Control

  • Amazing illustrations but what are your weakness other than illustrating/drawing?
  • Animatoins and intractive activites that enhance the experience?
  • Professinal narration and sound effects?

Avoiding "design on the fly"

  • Traditinaly linear
  • Non-linear: what defines the sequence?
  • Game oriented: collect pieces and move accordingly
  • Example: This Moster(linear), Stolen(mixed), Stranded(non-linear), Monsters VS Robots(linear-game oriented)

Designing Scenes

  • Thumbnail each scene
  • board each scene
  • Each PSD is a scene.


  • Shows intro animation
  • Read to Me / I Read options
  • Shows witch playing
  • Witch is thinking
  • Allow users to switch languages

Marketing - marketing is not one time task

  • It starts before planning the app
  • It costs more than devloping an app
  • More than one app is key for success.
  • blog:Learnings from 2011
  • blog:Now you have an app, so what?
  • blog:Want to create a storybook? Do your homework first?
  • blog:Are the basics of marketing being applied to the app business?

web links


Marketing Basics

  • Process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers.
  • 4 "Ps" Product, Point of sale, Price and Promotion

Before developing

  • R&D costs
  • Target audience
  • Internationalization
  • Competiion
  • SWOT analysis

Marketing Ideas

Before publishing

  • Create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to be active there
  • Join groups of artists(Linkedin and other places like SCBWI)
  • Build a dedicated website(your blog may be hosted there)
  • Share about your progress and processess
  • Use Youtube to share milestones and tips
  • Reserve some money for marketing activities
  • Test the app with friends(TestFlight, DeployGate)

web links

Setting Price

  • Production costs
  • Makreting costs
  • Non-related costs like rent, salary, benefits etc
  • From $.99 to $.7.99
  • Be honest with yourself. What is your entire experience worth?
  • Monitor the competition(price and reviews)
  • Price is important but the most important thing is VALUE
  • Can users enjoy your app many times or is it one time experience only?


Launch day(thoughout the following 2 weeks)

  • Send a press-release(prMac) for search engine optimization ranking
  • For multilingual, try large promotion in non-English speaking countries.
  • Capture feedback and fix any issues found


Week3 after the release

  • Send another PR about updated version
  • Send promo codes to several reviewer sites
  • Avoid the reviewer sites that charge your to review
  • It is ok to pay for expediting a review
  • Good reviews help but alone not much. Must promote the reviews.
  • Advertise to your target audience websites
  • Banners are usually cheap
  • Update your site with new content

    Reviewer sites such as Digital, Teachers with Apps, Mom's with Apps 

  • http://digital-storytime.com/
  • http://www.teacherswithapps.com/
  • http://blog.momswithapps.com/


Promotion redeemoco

Monitroring your poformance

  • AppShopper
  • AppAnnie
  • google analytic for promotion Ads etc

web links

* * *

Keeping momentum

  • Share findings on your group meetings
  • Change prices from time to time
  • Try App Friday and other special promos
  • Think about developing a complementary app
  • Updates "renew" your daily rnaking positions

Time to the next one

  • one app is not enough in the digital content market
  • More app more change of revenu.
  • Cross promotuon between apps
  • better presence at app stores
  • more attention from media

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