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Happy New Year 2016

Thank you for using Kwik and making attractive, cheerful, enjoyable, beautiful digital picture books. It is my pleasure to support the artists like you in the new media age.

I am now developing the event handling for input devices such as game controllers and TVs. Kwik3 will be updated with it. Hope it to be done in January..maybe in Feb. I will test kwik3 update in the following new platforms. Desktop platform of Corona SDK does not support native.* features, for instance webView, so there will be limitations and some issues are expected.

Build Process

  • OSX
  • Windows


  • FireTV – Controller
  • OSX – Controller
  • Windows – Controller
  • tvOS – AppleTV Remote

Distribution Process

  • Amazon
  • iOS Desktop
  • Windows
  • tvOS

Kwik4 will be released in 2Q. It restructures the internal codes of kwik and it publishes the lua files with the new MVC model. The user interface of Kwik panel won’t change and the kwik3 project files are compatible. Additional features will be

When CoronaConn is held by Corona Labs in 2016, I am going to attend the conference. Let’s meet up then. I thank Alex the founder of Kwiksher and Corona Labs for making good SDK, good community and good opportunities.





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