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Kwiksher in Tokyo is ready for operation

I am happy to announce the shop page is reopened. Kutt, Kaboom and Kwik are back on sale. The prices are same as before and Kwik continues the perpetual license scheme. This applies to Kwik3. I might change it for Kwik4 but Kwik4 does not exist yet, I will start Kwik4 development soon.

Looking back for the last three months, it was started with Alex’ decision in the summer to leave Kwiksher to a new owner. I took the opportunity and it took me to transfer Kwiksher operation here for 3 months. I learned a lot about WordPress, eCommerse operation with Payapl and so on. I tell you that Alex was a superman. I was surprised to know the amount of source codes for Kwik plugins, the site operation and the user support. I will do my best. I localised Kwik in Japanese and now I am writing Japanese manuals till the end of year. I will start Kwik4 development in the new year 2015.

I am very fun of Corona since it begun. I am also very interested in Alex’s vision and Kwik photoshop plugin. So I have been introducing Corona and Kwik to Japanese developers for years. The concept to make an application with scripting and the concept to make an application from a designer’s tool are a kind of liberal art to modern app development.

It is necessary to have a solid foundation and platform to enable developers to create amazing apps and insanely good experiences to users. Walter, CEO of Corona labs, brought us the platform to create app for iOS and Android on the top of OpenGL and OpenAL. My past experience with Adobe to port Flash player to Japanese feature phones for almost 10 years as one of Adobe partner, tells us that rendering graphics with GPU is very important for devices with limited CPU and memory of mobile devices and the architecture of the rendering software must be designed from the scratch to be optimised for device’s hardware and the operating system. Corona SDK also uses lua script to programme codes. It made application development for devices as same as web scripting development. If you know Corona simulator, it is a kind of small browser for development which instantly responds with script. The simulator updates the screen as soon as user edits codes and save them. It was a kind of evolution to me to program an application for devices with lua because I had been using, c and c++ and time consuming and hard debugging process for linux, symbian and brew platform of feature phones with IDE. A little bit specific about Japanese feature phones, there were very good middlewares were embedded i-mode browser, mobile java virtual machine and Adobe flashlite and creating web contents, java apps and flash contents. User and content providers were creating flash contents for wall paper, menu, ringtone’s screen, games and email messages. There were tremendous needs for action script development and business successes.

Time has changed a lot. In 2014, Apple’s Swift begun but Corona SDK has been using script for years to make applications for iOS and Android.

I had not ever used photoshop before I knew Kwik. I studied with video lessons of Will Terry, http://folioacademy.com/ and
very impressed with the work of artists. I did not spend much time on drawing but I liked very much about using iPad for digital painting. I also began to notice the quality of digital graphics on smart phones increasing because the screen sizes and retina display are improved very much. Looking at Kwik made apps, every pages I feel illustrator’s hearty expertise. Start things from an artist. Kwik is a powerful plugin to make it true. Photoshop designer can start application development. On the other hand, a programmer like me starts using photoshop with Kwik to cooperate with digital illustrators. I think Kwik makes such a nice place to meet designers and programmers.

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  • This is really cool news Yamamoto san! My sincere wishes of a great future for Kwiksher! I’m am cheering for you and I’ll be available anytime you need.

    All the best!

  • I think about Kwik often…. I cant wait for the new version to come out. Im eager to start making stuff!

    I also followed Kwiksher on twitter so I dont miss anything. 😀

  • Hey Yamamoto-san,

    I’m in Tsukuba ( Ibaraki) if you ever need designer who already used Kwik please let me know! I will be more than happy to help.

  • Carlos, are you aware that swiffy only works for Actionscript 2.0 and a subest of SWF 8? These are ancient and comparatively limited technologies.Are you also aware of the capabilities Adobe AIR 2.7 runtime for Android, iOS, and Blackberry?Please do some research before making blanket statements. CoronaSDK is great for what it is, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t even say that CoronaSDK is in direct competition with Adobe when it comes to frameworks for developing mobile apps. Adobe still has a lot of life left considering the increasing ubiquity of its technologies across all platforms mobile and otherwise.

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