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Introducing Kaboom. Particle Creation for Kwik.


Few weeks ago I announced the Particle Replacement feature, compatible with the great Particle Design 2 (PD2) tool. With the announcement, several people sent me emails telling they were not on a Mac, they did not need all the options from PD2 or they simply needed a way to edit/create particles from inside Kwik. So, I went back to the drawing board and decided to create something different.

Introducing Kaboom, the first plugin for Kwik

Kaboom is a particle creator/editor plugin, specifically designed for use with Kwik. It is compatible with JSON encoded format, meaning you will be able to edit particles created with PD2, for example. Kaboom requires Corona build 2014.2214 or up (attention: it is not clear yet if Corona will make the particles feature available in their free Corona Starter version, or if this will be available only for Corona Pro users). 

The plugin is available for purchase right now with an introductory price of $29.99 until July 13th, 2014 (regular price is $49.99) or when the next Corona public build is available – whatever comes later. For a complete description of Kaboom’s interface and feature, check its user guide.

Check this tutorial on how to create a campfire scene, made by Greg Pugh, from GPAnimations:

Check the tutorial below for a complete overview:

Another opportunity to make and sell assets in the Assets Store

Because particle files can now be easily created and edited in Kwik, any user can create and sell particle samples at Kwiksher’s Assets Store. Again, another option for making some money back from your development investments, while, at the same time, helping other users to improve their apps.