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Preparing for the future

I would like to provide a quick update on what is happening here at Kwiksher.


As you may have noticed, my main focus (especially now that Kwik 3 is pretty stable) in May was (and still is) to fix the issues with the newest website. It is really nice visually but performance is still far from what I expect.

I have changed the hosting provider and I will do it again today because the performance is still not acceptable. I am sorry for this inconvenience but, without this important infrastructure milestone, I will not be able to bring some really important news in the next days.


Due the issues with the current provider – Kwik is not able to communicate with site services for registration and update checking, I am holding on the next update (more below) until the new migration finishes. Hopefully it will be during this week.

Kwik 3.2 (the next release) will bring the Infinite Loop feature, as well as another one that I have teased but not shown yet.


Although I haven’t closed anything yet, I have been in several conversations with potential investors. As soon as I sign with one (we never know how long the process takes, right?), I will keep you posted. I just decided to share it because I will really need external support to implement everything that is on my mind. For me, Kwiksher is in a “go big or go home” moment.

New products and services:

As I mentioned above, in the next days I will be announcing a new product (as big as Kwik) and, following that, some new opportunities to Kwik users improve their revenue. This teaser is just to explain another reason for my “quiet moments” this month.


With lots of things “coming”, I would like to close this post asking you to check the right size of the screen and noticing the 3 last tweets with some great images from Kwik users. Quality is getting better and better and I really like that.

Thanks for your support and understanding,


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