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Update on Kwiksher

Hello everyone! I would like to share a few words on the past quarter, not only to remind of what we have done but also to give you a hint of things that are on my mind at this moment.

You Speak, I Listen

  • This first big milestone delivered was the official release of Kwik 3. Pretty much every reported bug was fixed and dozens of new features were added. Kwik 3 is more robust than its predecessors and ready to be used in teams, when necessary.
  • More Services were added in our portfolio, to help users to improve their stories (thanks Anna Hines for your partnership here) but also to publish them.
  • Now users have the ability to subscribe Kwik in different ways and smaller price points. This is the answer to users not willing to commit for a full year.
  • A new, totally redesigned, website is finally completed, offering easier ways to learn more about Kwik, Kutt and Kwiksher. The website (hopefully) promotes a better understanding about Kwik to users not planning storybook apps. After all, you can design/develop almost anything with the plugin. This was a common comment about the previous website – that it was too oriented to storybooks.

What is ahead for the next months?

My commitment with Kwik stills, with the weekly updates and also with, at least, one “big” new feature each month. However, I need your help here. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Kwik is currently a niche product with far from big sales. What drives me to continue pushing the plugin limits and focus on it, instead into another project, is what you do with it. Please share what you are doing via Showcase, Forums, Facebook, whatever. The last update in the Showcase was done a month ago! Without this “heat map” I cannot say if I am succeeding with your expectation or even if there is still a market to keep attending. I would love to hear more from you about this topic.

I still have plans to bring new tools into market but now I am doing a much analytical study before coding/releasing anything new (Kutt, for example, was far from a successful launch). Don’t get me wrong here thou: the thinker days have increased considerabely my list of potential new products. Hopefully I will be able to share some news soon.

I know it is not common in business to share data like I am doing here but, I think it is honest to let you know what is happening with the market. Like the challenges you all have trying to sell your apps, I am facing them as well. Take a look at previous competitors and the large majority has closed doors in the past months. Let’s stick together. Share as well. Let me know you are using it, and where you are using it.

On an additional note, Kwiksher was the runner up in the Capital Factory’s content “Move Your Startup to Austin” in March. With more than 300 startups competing (the large majority already funded), it was an achievement being called at the last hour to present at the SXSW (Kwiksher was originally the 6th option, with only the first 5 presenting), getting on the stage and ending in 2nd place. Even thou not getting the funded needed (only the first place got a check), I feel there is something about Kwik that should keep Kwiksher alive a bit more.


Like yourselves, I am fighting the good fight everyday to make reality my mission to change the way people create and  experience stories in digital media. If you have any suggestions, comments, complains, anything, LET ME KNOW!

May the second quarter be amazing to all of us!


  • Hang in there Alex. Your software is the best software by far and is improving daily. It is only a matter of time that you will experience the growth your software deserves. We are getting closer to finishing our app and I am sure there are a lot of other apps in the pipeline and will be releasing soon. I plan on touting your app very strongly in not only our finished app but on our website as well.

  • Hey Alex,
    If there are other Kwik users like me out there… they may be busy building their apps right now. I don’t have anything to show right now, but I plan to release two apps this year… both 100% Kwik apps. I hope I can make you proud and create two products that will help promote your amazing software.

    Kwik is an amazing piece of software. I have a lot of creative experience in digital imagery but have never been able to create something with code… until now. I am making baby steps… but learning very quickly.

    Keep up the good work, I am sure there are a lot of people out there busy creating Kwik apps right now… people would have set goals at the start of the year and now maybe right in the middle of their apps.

    Perhaps there could be a section on the forums for people to encourage one another, talk about timelines, deadlines etc… that way you could find out… when people hope to release apps, how long it take a brand new user to create a story book app, maybe people could share resources… like Illustrator talent, ideas etc. People could share tips as in… how they structure plan, design etc. Do they start with the illustration, the writing, the sound etc. Where they get the sound, how they record.

    I may have gone off point there… but I just want to encourage you. You may not know how many people are working away on Kwik apps.

    2014 will see 2 brand new Kwik apps from me.

    Kind Regards,
    Gareth (in New Zealand)

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