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Introducing Kwik 3!


Today we just released the first public build of Kwik 3 (simply Kwik from now on). It took more time than expected but I strongly believe the new features and improvements will help the creation of even better applications.

What’s new?

The amount of new features is enormous, as already reported in several tutorials, postings and the new user guide, reason why I will not spend time talking about them here again. The most important thing to understand is the fact you will be more productive and your apps will have more resources when they need.

It is important to remember that old projects (made with Kwik 2 or beta4) will need to be re-published due the complete new code structure of Kwik. Also, projects with external code will need retouch – see more here.

A gift to everybody who purchase Kwik 3 until yesterday:

I added 30 additional days, free of charge, to all subscribers as a “thank you” for your patience with all the Storyboard/Composer delays.  In order to get the additional days:

  • go to your /Documents/Kwik folder and rename your kwkcontrol.reg file to kwkcontrolOLD.reg;
  • restart Photoshop;
  • go to Kwik Settings->Registration and re-enter your email and activation code

What’s next?

In order to bring more people to Kwik, I would like to announce new subscription options (besides the yearly one) to those ones in a budget or willing to use Kwik for a smaller period of time. Starting today, you can get Kwik for:

  • 90 days: for less than $100, this option is ideal for someone (it allows only 1 installation) in a hurry and in a budget to launch a new app. It is useful also for people not sure if they will keep creating app for a long time;
  • 180 days: for less than $150, this option is ideal for those ones (it allows 2 installations) not sure if they will keep creating app for a long time;
  • 365 days: this is the same yearly subscription we had in the past. It allows 2 installations and give access to updates during an entire year;


Please let me know your comments and keep sending your apps to the Showcase and the bugs found via the forums. Thanks a lot for your support!