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Move Your Startup to Austin Contest

You probably have seen the tweets and/or the Facebook postings about me traveling Austin this week. As some have asked about the competition, here go my answers.

For the second year, Capital Factory is promoting the Move Your Startup to Austin contest. As a big investor/incubator, they video interviewed more than 100 companies and selected 5 (Kwiksher included) to travel to Austin and, on the stage, pitch their products. The winner gets a big prize that includes money, mentoring and all support to transfer the company from its original origin to Austin. Pretty cool, right?

The event happens in one of the largest conferences in the US: SXSW (South by SouthWest) and we will be presenting at the prestigious Interactive Festival.

Being in the top 5 has already made me really proud. All other companies are already funded and have several employees, advisors, etc. Kwiksher is pretty much a one man trying to do everything.

Winning this competition it would help to bring Kwiksher to another level, enabling me to hire more people, focus on the important things and pave the future.

I will let you know about the results (which will happen this Friday night). Meanwhile, keep sending good thoughts!


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