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Kwiksher sponsored Japanese contest

Our friend Yamamoto san shares the news from the Casual game and Digital Interactive book contest, that was held in Tokyo, 23rd September, 2013 organized by ContentsOne Inc and Multimedia School Wave. Below, his words on the event and the winners. The sponsors are mainly Japanese companies such as Biglobe(NEC), IDC Frontier, Appiaries, SmartCanvas, etc and the two companies in the USA that were Corona Labs and Kwiksher!  The official Tolemo contest site: http://www.contents-one.co.jp/tolemo_contest/ What interesting about the contest was that it did not make it separate the categories like casual games and digital interactive books. Games and Books were playing in the same section how much appealing to users. It was a…

App of the Month: Monsters vs Robots

Only 3 apps were submitted to Kwiksher’s Showcase in September but, the quality keeps impressing us! Congratulations to all submissions! Monsters vs Robots, by Amora Leite, is a a beautiful storybook in 2 different languages, incredible illustrations, lots of puzzles and funny interactions from the the splash screen to the last scene. Really cute characters and a good story flow. By the way, if you want to know a bit more on how he did it, check our interview here. As the reward, the app will receive a review/rating from Digital Storytime. When it is done, we will share the link with our community. Congratulations Leonardo!

Interview with Leonardo Amora

Today I talk to Leonardo Amora, from amoraleite.com He is the author of Monsters vs Robots. Tell us a little bit about you and your studio. Where are you based and what is your “story”?  I founded my studio shortly after the Ubisoft company, where I worked, has closed the production studio here in Brazil. I worked there for 6 years with video games for various platforms like NDS, PSP, PS2, 360 and others. At amoraleite.com, which is 2.5 years old, I work doing artwork for small businesses and game developers. My main work includes two published children’s books, four games, and at least 6 video games. Check my website…

A New Time Has Begun

Today we start “the subscription era” at Kwiksher. After more than two years selling Kwik in a perpetual license model, it is time to follow the industry and move on into the subscription model. I do recognize that subscriptions may not be the preferred model for many of you, after all we are so accustomed with the traditional “buy once and use until it is possible to use”. Although this approach still work for most software, this not fit the mobile area and, consequently, Kwik. Not trying to bother anyone with technical details, fact is Kwik is a code generator for Corona, which is a code generator for Objective-C and Java….

Announcing the “new” Kwik

Few hours ago, I just announced Kwik version 3, from now on, simply called Kwik (check the video below for the full session), I think it is important to write a few words on the things we have discussed in the event. What is new? When I first blogged about Kwik “Next”, I mentioned the three main development goals: Better code infrastructure: meaning access to the latest benefits of Lua and Corona (the engine behind Kwik), no more limitations regarding project and variable sizes and improved performance. Kwik will use Corona’s new Storyboard API (currently in development/testing), which has a much better memory handling and performance management; Ease of Use,…

App of the Month: Zala and the Treasure Cave

Although August brought us just a few apps made with Kwik, we have to say their quality was amazing. Congratulations to all submissions! As September will be a huge month for us (wait a few of hours to get our newsletter and you will know what we are talking about), we decided to anticipate the news regarding the App of the Month Award. Zala and the Treasure Cave, by LogiTales, is a masterpiece that every 3D/motion graphics fans must have in their apps library. From models to rendering, to transitions between video and interactions, the storybook (should we call it a storybook?) is really well done, with a great story…

Interview with LogiTales

In the past, we used to interview all the authors, when they published their Kwik made apps. With more and more apps getting into the stores, this practice became impossible to be done, reason why we decided to create our Showcase to, at least, highlight everybody’s work. We are happy to announce that we will interview App of the Month winners, as well as authors with distinguished works or services. Hopefully these interviews will inspire others to follow their lead while creating great content. Today we talk to Nuriza, from LogiTales. She is the author of “Zala and the Treasure Cave”, my “current favorite” storybook made with Kwik 🙂  …

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