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Introducing Kutt

Today we introduce Kutt, the fastest way to design interfaces for different platforms!

Kutt, our second Photoshop plugin, aims to support creatives by speeding up the creation of user interfaces for a variety of device resolutions and sizes. Design once and Kutt does the rest of the job, exporting images to different resolutions and creating a “Developer Report” that shows size and positioning of each file generated, speeding up the task of your developer re-creating the interface while coding. Kutt also exports icons and compress all png files for you.

While other competitors can also generate more than one image per layer, usually they create only images for iOS (@1 and @2 images only) and do not offer any tool to help developers to quickly block each interface element (usually designers send a screenshot of the final screen for reference). While working with a developer, simply ask what kind of coordinate system his/her favorite language uses and Kutt will create a proper report file with the right positions. When working with text layers, Kutt will provide the content of the layer and its formatting (no need to use the generated image in this case).

Kutt does not create code for any specific SDK, meaning it can be used with all SDKs available or directly with Java/Object-C when coding natively for Android or iOS (in fact you can use Kutt for Windows 8 projects and web as well).

Kutt can be purchased till the end of December for the introductory price of $19.99. After that, regular price of $24.99 will be applied. The trial, which exports images with watermark and does not create the Developer Report, and the full version can be downloaded here.

We are looking forward to hear your comments.

There is more coming in 2014!

update: Due an “honest mistake”, we missed the fact the word Kut has a bad connotation in The Netherlands. To avoid offending our customers there, we decided to rename the product to Kutt (with double “t”). If you have installed it already, please uninstall the current version, download the latest update at http://www.kwiksher.com/kutt and install it again. If you are a paid user, simply move your kutcontrol.reg file from /Documents/Kut to /Documents/Kutt.


  • I followed the above steps, but the movie clip did not play. I am doing this on the cover page of the book. I used 10 iagmes named red_eye_1 to red_eye_10. Entered the correct number of frames. Does the layer being replaced need to be in a certain order above/below where button layers, etc. are? Should I just try to create a .mov file and use a video replacement instead? I am trying to create a blinking eye animation because that blink widget is really poorly named.

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