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Update on Kwik

Some of you have reached me directly, asking about when the publishing process will export code for the new Storyboard API. Others have asked about integration with the recently announced Graphics 2.0 features from Corona SDK. Unfortunately I still don’t have many answers but I would like to update you on the things I know already.

Storyboard API

I have been working directly with Corona’s main developer here. Until the previous internal beta, almost everything was working fine with Kwik (only issues we had were with timer disposal and refreshing on coloring pages). However, I was informed that he managed to fix them but had to change a few other things. We are going to talk about these changes in the next days. After that, I will probably need to re-write some code to make Kwik compatible with the changes.

As this feature is not broadly announced at Corona’s website yet, I don’t know yet what is their strategy regarding making it available in a future daily build. Again, based on my conversations with the development team, it can help soon but, final word is not them. The way I expect to see it coming alive is via an updated daily build (firstly available to Corona Pro users only) then being part of the next public release.

This availability is crucial to Kwik because all new features (and updated ones) will only be coded for the new API (otherwise we would need to write it twice, one for Director and one for Storyboard). Meanwhile, I am avoiding to release new updates but, if you are a paid user, don’t be worried. You got (depending on the month you purchased) 3 or 2.5 months more to cover potential delays on this release. If (hopefully not) it takes more time, I will add the same amount of days to each subscription.

Graphics 2.0

If you read the announcement, you know already that Corona is spicing up their graphic engine (they are calling it Graphics 2.0 API), bringing several possibilities for image manipulation, including filters, masking, effects, etc. This new API is currently available as a beta release in Corona’s Daily Builds.

Currently Kwik and Kwik 2 are not compatible with this new API (if you are a PRO user and install it, you will potentially get incompatibility with Kwik). The reason for that is some features will cease to exist in the new API (for example, setReferencePoints for groups and animations) and ALL code create by Kwik (or a real developer) will need to be re-written to be compatible with the new system. If you are curious, you can check their current website for more info on the new features and the things that will stop to work.

Corona is offering a simple way to tell your app to keep using the same old code, without any changes. Doing so, it will keep compatibility with the 1.0 library but you will NOT be able to use the new features of the 2.0 API. This is called compatibility mode.

My decision for Kwik 2 users will be to make all exported code compatible only with Graphics 1.0 (update will come as soon as Corona’s new Public Build becomes available). This way, all you current apps will keep working without any changing.

For Kwik (the new), I will make it compatible with the new API, opening up several new possibilities in new and old features of the plugin. For example, more color modes, masks, etc. However, when available, all project pages will need to be exported again.

Things that I still don’t know…

Besides release dates mentioned above, there is no public information yet on the Graphics 2.0 features that will require the PRO version and the ones that will work on the free Starter version.

This information is critical for us at Kwiksher because we plan to have clear distinction in Kwik’s interface on the things that require PRO subscription or not. Saying that, I believe the Graphic 2.0 oriented features will only start to appear into Kwik when these questions are answered.

What are the priorities for the next major beta release?

Top priority, of course, is the compatibility with Storyboard API. You should expect also updated windows for Project Properties (ability to integrate your project with Twitter, rating an app, send an email and, in this case, for PRO users only, Facebook), new interactions for buttons and actions (rate the app, for example) and a pre-made option for parental gate (super important to get your app approved at the new Kids section at Apple’s AppStore).

Lastly, check our Facebook page for the survey on what you want to see first in Kwik.

Looking forward to hear back from you.


  • Hi Alex,

    Is it possible for Kwik2 users to design their apps and once Kwik is updated to work with the new API, migrate their existing files and continue working on them?

    Also, I’m reluctant to purchase the new version although it comes with a few months free because technically its going to be outdated in a month or two anyway. In which case the few months free seem a little worthless. I’m sure other Kwik users feel the same way, especially those of us who just recently bought Kwik2…

    • If I understood your comment right (fee free to say no), Kwik 2 will NOT be compatible with Storyboard API. If one day you move up to Kwik “Next”, you will need to re-publish your projects.

      Regarding the purchase you mentioning, in fact this will not be a purchase but a subscription. While your subscription is valid, you will have the most update version of Kwik. So, I don’t know why you say the free months will be worthless.

  • I meant will we be able to design a project on our existing Kwik 2 and if we choose to subscribe to Kwik Next, will we be able to open the Kwik 2 project on Kwik Next, hit publish and everything will work fine?

    I think you misunderstood me about the free months. I mean to say, the free months appear to cover the month(s) in which Kwik Next will be in beta, I would have liked to have been offered the free months once the new API is introduced. I would have thought that would be a perfect consolation after purchasing Kwik 2 only a few months before the big announcement was made. Unfortunately, I completely missed the introductory price of $149.99 because I had no idea!

    Btw, I totally agree with the subscription scheme, I think you deserve its benefits because you have always been so helpful to the community, as well as striving to make Kwik better by the day!

    • Yes, you will be able to run projects made with Kwik 2 (again, you will need to re-publish them) in Kwik “Next”.

      The free months were added not only to cover the beta timeframe, which will not take 3 months. If needed, we will add more months to subscribers during the beta period.

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