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A New Time Has Begun


Today we start “the subscription era” at Kwiksher. After more than two years selling Kwik in a perpetual license model, it is time to follow the industry and move on into the subscription model.

I do recognize that subscriptions may not be the preferred model for many of you, after all we are so accustomed with the traditional “buy once and use until it is possible to use”. Although this approach still work for most software, this not fit the mobile area and, consequently, Kwik.

Not trying to bother anyone with technical details, fact is Kwik is a code generator for Corona, which is a code generator for Objective-C and Java. If anything changes at the end of the chain (and Apple/Google keep changing things to improve their products), there is a wave effect across Corona and Kwik. Some changes are small and can easily be addressed with a small update. Others are big ones, that require full overhauling at Kwik’s internal code.

With the new subscription model, these big changes will be made easier, enabling a much faster arrival of new features. It will also avoid the need of a totally new product (Kwik 1, Kwik 2…) every year. In a small company like Kwiksher, having to manage 2-3 different products is a challenge.

Starting today, all new purchases are yearly subscriptions. You pay for 365 days of full use, with all features available. At the end of the period, you have the option to renew your subscription and continue to use the full product or, return to trial mode until you feel the need to use the product again.

As we are still in beta mode, waiting for some updates from Corona Labs (mainly the new scene management), we are offering 14.5 months (an year plus 75 days) for everyone subscribing Kwik during October. This way, you get the confidence that you are paying for a full year of the upcoming completed version, while are able to start to use it now.

For users upgrading from Kwik 2, October is the last month to move to Kwik “Next” with a discounted price of $199.99 ($50 off the full subscription price). Starting in November, this benefit will not be available anymore.

The next updates will bring (much more will come during the next months):

– compatibility with the new Corona Labs scene management (priority one);

– new/improved windows for each feature (easier to use and learn);

– ability to add ratings to your app (ratings now are the main factor on your app presence at AppStore);

– parental gate feature to facilitate the approval of your app at the new Kids section at Apple’s AppStore;

and more…


I am really excited with the future and looking forward to hear back from you.

All the best!

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