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Announcing the App of the Month Award

With more and more apps being made with Kwik, we decided, with your help, to reward the best ones every month. Say hello to “App of the Month Award”!

KwikMadeSmallNow, when you fill out the submission form to our Showcase (just mouse over the Kwik Showcase link above and you will see the link), you will be invited to add our “Kwik Made” badge to your website. Doing so, you will automatically be running to win the award, if your app is voted the best of the month.

Your app will be showcased even if you decide not to share the badge. However, you will not be able to compete in this scenario.

Votes will be captured from our Facebook page during the first 3 days of the following month. Winners will be selected according the votes and Alex’s review. Prizes (one of them) are to choose between a joint press release with Kwiksher to get more exposure in the media, a rating review at Digital Storytime website OR a $25 iTunes card.

July’s contests are already published in the Facebook and poll is open. Vote now and help your favorites to win.

Thanks again for your support!

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