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Version 2.5, ending of support for Kwik 1 and Kwik “Next”

Today I am releasing version 2.5, which brings several improvements and new features for sprite sheet use, Android deployment and several others, mostly coming from your suggestions thru the forums. Thanks for helping to shape Kwik!

Taking advantage of this posting, I would like to make a few other announcements:

End of support for Kwik 1

Starting now, support for Kwik 1 is officially ended. The number of Kwik 1 users is too low at this moment and requests of support are very rare (most users migrated to Kwik 2 or stopped to use Kwik 1). Also, it has been 9 months since the latest update. Adding to it, several changes in Corona SDK, made the code generated from Kwik 1 incompatible with the newest updates from Corona Labs. It simply does not make sense anymore.

If you are a Kwik 1 user and still have plans to build new apps, I strongly suggest you to move on to Kwik 2 and take advantage of the upgrade price.

Development of Kwik “Next” starts next week

Kwik 2 has been used to create hundreds of apps and the arsenal of new features and improvements kept growing every month since its public availability last September. It is a solid product now that can keep up difficult tasks, like game and storybook creation.

However, many of you ask for new features and integrations that cannot be added in the current bits. As Kwik is a joint product with Photoshop and Corona SDK (both now available only in subscription mode, meaning constant updates), technology has changed a lot in both companion products, which is requiring to re-write (again) all the infrastructure code of Kwik to support things, like better scene management, memory usage and additional feature set.

The current Publish module was developed using the best techniques from an year and a half ago. Since them, Corona changed several things internally, that requires a complete overhaul of the way Kwik integrates code with the SDK. As those changes are not cosmetic but major things, that will take months to code and test, my decision is to start the work now so, you will be able – if you need – to use an improved version by the end of this year.

What does it mean to current and potential new users?

At this moment, not much besides next updates will focus much more on bug fixing than new features. In the next weeks I will share more about the goals for Kwik “Next” and how it progresses. At this moment, there are no answers for questions like “how much it will cost or licensing model”.

For now, again, Kwik 2 is a mature product that answers almost all needs from users willing to create storybooks and games. With external code, people having been able to push its boundaries even more. So, no reason to panic or stop your projects while waiting for the next major release. I am really far away from that!

Have more questions? Feel free to ask them here.


  • Glad to hear that great things are coming. Please make sure that »Kwik Next« will ever run with »Photoshop Previous«, because I will retain CS6 as my latest version of software I ever bought from Adobe due to their new »cloudy« subscription trap.

  • I also wish to be able to use kwik next on my “old” CS6, As I really don’t plan to update to CC.
    Would also be nice to have kwik next compatible with the last version of kwik 2 too.
    So we can work on our current project with kwik 2 until kwik next arrive and dont have to wait or redo everything then … How does the compatibility work in kwik on each major release ??

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