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Happy Birthday Kwik!

Banner Anniversary Kwik

Two years ago (exactly on May, 4th 2011) I launched Kwik with the goal to transform the way people create storybook apps and comics. Based on users feedback, I am happy to say that we (myself and you, the user) have accomplished a lot since version 1. Take a look at the Showcase, partnerships and blog postings and you will have a small idea of what we have done.

With thousands of users and hundreds of apps published, varying from storybooks to games, the future seems to be very bright to all of us.

Saying that, now it is time to give back. During the month of May, for every Kwik purchase, buyers will have the option to get a FREE version to a friend or donate it to a school in need (we have a list of schools asking for Kwik donations).

If you are planning to purchase Kwik, there is no better time for that. No matter you get 2 licenses for the price of one or are kind enough to help the ones in need, take the advantage of this 50% off price promo and start to create now.

If you are still uncertain about what will come in the future, take a look at the download page and see how many free updates we have provided since Kwik 2 launched last September. The list of cool things coming in “Kwik next” is big and will surprise many of you!

Keep supporting us, with purchases, forum postings, tutorial suggestions, etc and much more will come sooner than you expect.

I am so grateful for your help and camaraderie!

Thanks again and again,

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