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Improving your work, training with the best


I am a believer that there is always space for improvement (in our lives, skills, and so on). Of course this applies to Kwik made apps. In a previous posting, I mentioned that quality is one of the top reasons for successful positions into store rankings.

Thinking about that, I partnered with Folio Academy and Will Terry, one of the top children’s book illustrators in the world, to provide quality instruction to anyone willing to improve illustration and painting skills with Photoshop.

Will’s life’s goal was to become a children’s book illustrator, and to date, he has illustrated over 25 children’s books with great publishers like Scholastic, Random House, Leap Frog, Houghton Mifflin, Dial, Albert Whitman, and Simon Schuster.

I am really a fan of what he is able to do and I believe everybody will get great insights from his blog at http://willterry.blogspot.com/

I am happy to announce that every Kwiksher customer can get 50% off discount (till end of April) on the following four trainings from Will at Folio Academy (by the way, instructions on how to get the discount are available on March’s Kwiksher Newsletter – check your inbox for that):

  • How To Design A Drawing: explains what it means to design a drawing as well as an introduction to the design principles and elements. Honestly, I wish I had this information while in college;

  • Beginning Photoshop for Digital Painting: developed for the beginner who has never used Photoshop;
  • Digital Painting in Photoshop: will be shown all of the settings, controls, and the relatively few tools will uses to create digital textual colorful “paintings”;
  • Digital Painting in Photoshop Part 2: demonstrates how to take a sketch to finished piece step by step;

Together, these tutorials cost US$100 so, don’t miss the opportunity to get them with the discounted price.


  • Hi alex

    I recieved the march newsletter but 1. it says “Folio Academy and Kwiksher are offering top four trainings for FREE” and not 50% discount as you wrote above on your blog post, so which is it please?
    2. I presume I have to order Kwik and then you will explain how to get the discount from Folio Academy? The email was not clear sorry!

  • Hi,

    I am a new Kwiksher customer. I am keen to get going but unfortunately I am yet to receive my activation key from you though I have sent emails to the support address and also online. Check your support and helpdesk emails. I will also like to buy the discounted Folio Academy Training. Please send me the activation key and also the Folio Academy offering link.


    • Ebenezer, I’ve sent you an email about that (your activation key email is probably in your Junk Folder) – also, you don’t need to be a paid user to use Kwik. Trial version offers the same features. Anyways, welcome to “the family”:)

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