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Version 2.3 is cooking…

Today I started to code version 2.3. I spent a lot of time categorizing all the suggestions (if you have your own, feel free to submit it here) with my own list (for your info, there are almost one hundred tasks in the complete list) and deciding what will make 2.3 cut.

With more and more people willing to extend our plugin’s native options, I am focusing on benefits for individual and teams adding external code into Kwik.

By the way, the fact of a feature not coming in this version does not mean that it will not come in a future release. However, it is also important to understand that some suggestions may not appear anytime soon because a) they are not a priority to the majority of users (some suggestions are specific to a project or a particular, non-reproducible, need), b) Corona cannot render (page curl, for example) or has known issues rendering it (masks, for example) or c) requires longer design times than others.

So, what is in the pipe?

Besides several bug fixings (some very annoying for a while), this is the list of things already coded (it will be available in next week’s first beta):

  • Ability to create a project only for the new iPad (meaning Kwik will not generate @2 images for older iPads);
  • Option to add external code from an external file (besides writing/pasting the code into the editor) – this will help a lot teams that will be able to share a Lua (or txt) file in a folder. When publishing, Kwik will read the file content and integrate the external Lua code with the auto-created one;
  • Add external code in the main.lua file (I am hearing some “yay!!”s already);

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 5.56.15 PM

What else?

The list below contains the things I am planning to add (hopefully no big issues will appear and I will be able to deliver all of them):

  • Automatically make all layer sizes even (to avoid blur when zooming to other devices) – thanks to Julian Stokoe sample code!
  • Compatibility with the new Widgets 2.0 library from Corona;
  • Few new options for the drag interaction (clearly one of the top used features in Kwik 2);
  • A few complex features that I prefer not to disclose/commit now;
  • A couple of non-code related, “ready to use” new options


As always, I am looking forward to your feedback!


  • Babusiaux Guillaume

    Hi, great news…

    but i would like to know if you’re “cooking” an option to build for the nexus 10? one of the biggest resolution (2560×1600)…or maybe you can share a tutorial for this option…

    honestly i don’t know if i change the size and the resolution in the kwik file it would work?

    thanks for your answer..

  • My feature request is to add a checkbox add-on for multipliers on “wait for request”. The checkbox is an option to add something like a timer.performWithDelay( ) to wait for the multiplier to finish before calling a new instance of the multiplier on tap, drag or shake.

    • If I understood it correctly, you can do that today. Set the Multiplier to Wait for request. Then, create an action with the Play Multiplier interaction and use the action on drag, shake, etc

  • yes its doable already….. what i was asking was an addon feature to not run again unless all the multipliers are gone. add something like a checkbox so it adda a condition for add timer.performwithdelay()

  • This is great Alex,
    Just wondering – What about taking a photo with the device camera? Would this be possible?
    Am I right in thinking that, with Corona, this not available in Android?

  • Matt, Kwik us not compatible with Photoshop CS4. you will need CS5 or above. the trial veorisn does not expire. The limitation is the number of pages you can export: 2.There are several sites and training cds to help people to learn Photoshop. A quick search on web will list a bunch of resources to you.

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