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Kwik 2.2 Update

Kwik 2.2 is already available for download. If you have missed the free webinars and tutorials (follow us at Twitter and/or Facebook and it will not happen anymore :)), check the video below for more info. Believe, it is worthy.

What’s new in version 2.2: http://www.kwiksher.com/tutorials-kwik/video-tutorial-version-2-2/

Two things you should know too

pngquant-logo-smallReducing file sizes is one of the top topics in our forums, with several users suggesting tools to help PNG compression.

With Kwik 2.2, I am happy to announce that Kwik now automatically installs pngquant (an open-source application that reduce files immensely) and allow you to compress your project images with just a matter of a click (check the new Compress images button in the Settings toolbar).

I have no words to thank Kornel Lesiński for his help in the implementation. He is the man behind pngquant and ImageAlpha, another favorite tool from Mac users using Kwik.

The tutorial below shows how it works:

Transferring licenses between computers

Another common request is “how do I transfer my serial numbers to other machines (after purchasing a new one, for example)?”

With Kwik 2.2 you will be able to automatically do that (no need to send me emails anymore), up to 4 times. After that, you are done and will need to purchase a new license.

In order to do it, check the new Registering page for more info.

As always, I am looking forward to your feedback!