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Then, it is 2013!

How fast 2012 was, right? Without spending much time in the past, I would like to remember some milestones we had.

Before Kwik 2 arrived in September, 30 updates were delivered for Kwik 1. Talking about Kwik 2, the launch brought several new users, mostly due the ability to extend the product. Dozens of apps were made with the plugin, with some of them winning awards (Cherry At Starts), some still running for prizes (Frederik Spin), others becoming series (Tangram Puzzles). The first adventure game arrived (Stranded, which stills on top lists in some countries around the world), as well as the ones celebrating Halloween and Christmas! Take a look at our Showcase to learn more about them.

Kwik will continue to grow in 2013 and it is my commitment to bring the features you want and the support you need to get more exposure in the stores. Starting now, all apps submitted to the Showcase will receive my personal review (in the format of a video). The ones that I believe are the best will be promoted together with Corona. The bar is higher now so, do your best while designing/creating your applications.

Talking about improvements, Kwik 2.2 is cooking and you probably have seen some of the tutorials (written or in video format). I am fixing the last reported bugs and trying to implement a new feature that will help A LOT your project sizes. I will keep you posted for sure.

So, what to expect in 2013? Besides the customary updates and support, more products are in my pipeline. Obviously I cannot share anything at this moment but, in the correct time, you will learn about them.

13 is a lucky number for Brazilians and hopefully it will be for you too. All the best!


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