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Registering Kwik 2

Some people have reported they are having issues during the registration process (basically they enter the email and activation key, click the Validate button and nothing happens). In order to make things more transparent, I have updated the code (build 2.0.7) to show an alert if this situation occurs. What I have found is it seems to be related to country/area firewall, blocking the connection with Kwiksher’s website.

How to solve this?

If you are facing this issue and, after a few tentatives, cannot complete your registration process, follow the instructions in the new Registration tab (more on that on the update Settings documentation):

Step 1: Send me the number that shows up in the screen (in the example below the number is 273), with your activation key number:

With this information, I will manually create a serial number and send it to you.

Step 2: After receiving your kwkcontrol.cfg file, create a Kwik folder (if it does not exist) under your  Documents folder. Save the file there;

Step 3: Start Photoshop and go to Settings->Registration. You will see your serial number there.



  • I just have to say that Alex provides the best customer service! I was having all sorts of trouble trying to register and upgrade my product and Alex went out of his way to help, in a very timely fashion. You’re a champ, Alex!

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