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Announcement: Partnership with Digital Storytime!

Today I am very happy to announce our partnership with Digital Storytime, probably the largest and best children’s storybook reviewers website. With the quality of Kwik made storybooks improving every day, it is important to have a place where parents can get trusted reviews before purchasing book apps to their children. Digital Storytime has provided top quality reviews for more than 500 storybooks, becoming naturally the first place where authors and consumers go before buying or planning new apps.

Now, Kwik users will be able to speed up their storybooks’ ratings and/or having a full review, paying less than non-Kwik authors. For full information on how the services work, please check http://digital-storytime.com/reviewRequest.php#1

In a nutshell, Kwik users will pay:

  • $30 (a $5 discount off the regular price) for the rating only service, which evaluates 9 points in Digital Storytime’s ratings – for more info about the system, check http://digital-storytime.com/wp/?p=526;
  • $125 (a $25 discount off the regular price) for the full written review;

In order to hire the services and get your discounts, just mention your app was made with Kwik when sending it to review (use the link http://digital-storytime.com/contact.php) – you will need to the iTunes link to the app (or any other store link) and a promo code.

Enjoy this partnership and let me know how to make Kwik even better for your needs!

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