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Kwik 2 Contest [Updated]

In order to celebrate Kwik 2 Beta availability and to prepare the market for the full announcement later this year, Kwiksher partnered with Corona Labs and Code and Web (makers of Texture Packer and Physics Editor) to get the best upcoming apps made with Kwik 2.

If you are already working on (or are planning) an extraordinary story and want to be highlighted in Kwik 2 launch PR, plus being interviewed at Kwiksher and Corona Labs website, follow the instructions below:

How to participate:

  • Download and start using Kwik 2 now – available at http://www.kwiksher.com/download-kwik2/;
  • Create your first pages using the trial and send me (showcase@kwiksher.com) a link to a screencast showcasing your project. Add also information about the things you are planning to do for the following pages – submissions should arrive no later than August, 31st;
  •  Share your time frame for conclusion (we are looking for apps for the launch on September, 18th – you app must be available in at least one store no later than Sept. 15th)


  • The best selected projects will receive a FREE, unlocked till the end of September, Kwik 2 license (so you will be able to finish your project). After publishing in Apple/B&N/Google Play and/or Amazon stores, authors will receive a complete Kwik 2 serial number, when the product is officially launched ($250 value);
  • Best published apps (up to 3) will receive also a FREE Corona Indie license (or an extension worth $199 to their existing subscription). All authors will be interviewed at Kwiksher website;
  • Winner (best of all) will receive also a FREE Texture Packer / Physics Editor Bundle ($35 value). Also, the winner will be interviewed in Kwiksher and Corona Labs website, being part of the launch press-release of Kwik 2;

What will be evaluated?

  • Originality;
  • Quality of illustrations;
  • Story (for game or storybook);
  • Use of Kwik 2 native features;

What are you waiting for? Will you miss this opportunity? Looking forward to showcase your talent!


    • No formal deadline but, considering we are planning to launch Kwik 2 late September, the sooner the better.

  • Why only for Apple/B&N or Amazon stores, not Google Play Store?

    I don’t have iPad, Nook or Kindle Fire, but do want to make app for Android…

  • I’m a little confused here “Best published apps (up to 3) will receive also a FREE Corona Indie license (or an extension worth $199 to their existing subscription).”

    Don’t we need to have at least an indie licensed version of Corona to be able to publish? So we would be getting an extension of the Corona license or the other platform and would have to already own at least one indie platform to be able to publish if I understand this correctly.

    • Karen, as you can create and preview your projects using the trial version of Corona, you can submit your projects for evaluation. If your project is selected, you receive the FREE Corona and will be able to publish your app with that.

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