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Introducing Kwik 2 Beta

Few days ago, in a private session for paid users, I introduced Kwik 2 Beta. Today, I am pretty excited to public announce the beta availability to any user. This is a huge milestone till the official launch date, coming this fall.

What is coming?

Physics is a major thing in the new version but, don’t be fooled: Kwik 2 is much more than that. In fact, the plugin was re-written almost entirely.

Besides the new interface, several improvements and additions are coming due your feedback. Honestly, there are so many new features that is hard to find the most important ones. Below my top 5 list:

1) New interface: it simple, colorful and easier to use. The dark background rest your eyes, making them focus only on your design;

2) Publishing: Kwik 2 is 2-3 times faster than Kwik 1. It also allows users to export range of pages, one of the things many people have requested (now you can export all pages, current page and current page till page x <- the one you want). Also, it provides a visual progress bar while publishing;

3) Auto-debug system: when you press the Publish button, it checks your project before starting the publishing system. If issues exist, Kwik 2 creates a report for you with instructions on how to find and fix your problem;

4) Physics: you can improve your stories and even create full games without writing code. If you need more control, Kwik 2 is compatible with Physics Editor (also Texture Packer), speeding up even more your design possibilities;

5) Code control: Kwik 2 brings variables, conditions/logic feature and integration with external code. This opens a range of opportunities to small teams with designers and developers, also to users with development knowledge;

Pretty cool list, right? Again, there is much more already available in the beta, and even more to come before the official release. Keep your eyes on the Learn page, as some updated training and tutorial content is already available (more coming everyday). Also, if you haven’t tried yet, install the beta at http://www.kwiksher.com/download-kwik2/

Kwik 2 beta is a full functional version. In fact, Greg Pugh, our alpha tester, already published two apps using the new version. You can find more at Floating Fun by Greg Pugh is the first Storybook Created using Kwik 2. If you have great apps in your pipeline, check our contest with Corona Labs and Code and Web.

New benefits, pricing and availability

The new version will bring some new benefits too. For example, Kwik 2 allows trial users to export up to four project pages. Paid users will be able to install the plugin, without aditional cost, in two different Photoshop configurations, a nice benefit if you have, for example, a Mac and a PC with different Photoshop installed. Also, they will be invited for special training and informational webinars with no or reduced cost.

Considering the amount of new features and benefits, Kwik 2 will be priced at $249.99 for new users and $149.99 for upgrade purchase. During launch timeframe, we will offer an introductory price of $199.99 for new and $99.99 for upgrading users. The new price stills very competitive, costing less than two hours of a professional developer.

Estimated final release of Kwik 2 is late September. Let me know your comments. They are always appreciated and considered.