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Getting ready to take-off: Showcase, new tutorial and other updates


Since we announced the Kwik Showcase,  3 new storybook apps were added:

In all the cases above, no external code was added (pure Kwik apps as I like to say), confirming that Kwik can do its job no matter the experience of its users.

Here goes Sparky again!

This week Ansca’s announced Sparky the Shark as App of the Month (May) which is amazing for Mark Newell and his team. This is the second time a Kwik made app wins the prize. However, the main difference this time is the fact a fully made with Kwik app is the winner (Fire Cupid, the first one, was only partially designed with Kwik). Better than that, if I am not wrong, this is the first time a children’s storybook app wins this prize!

To celebrate the award, I worked with Mark on a beginner’s tutorial teaching how to create one of Sparky’s scene. I am pretty sure old time users will enjoy the tutorial too. You will find it in the Learn Kwik page, or directly here.

Other updates:

The last month 1st Anniversary promotion was a success bringing almost 100 new users for Kwik. Several fixings were made to version 1.9.7 in the past weeks, confirming my commitment with the users that K2 is not my only priority at this moment.

Taking advantage I just commented about K2, let me share what is happening now and in the next weeks. At this moment, I have two well knowledge Kwik users working with me on the “Alpha” bits. Although the interface is not built yet, these users are helping me to find initial bugs and test new implementations. As I mentioned before, K2 has been written almost from the scratch.

In a few weeks all Kwik paid users will receive an invitation for a private session on K2 (there I will show some demos, introduce the product and discuss new benefits and license model). After that, the first public beta will be released (it will not be the final version but something very close to that). During the beta time I will fix bugs and add a few new features as well. Can’t say more than that now!

Let me know about your thoughts and you may get a free code for Oho the Monkey (2 available) or Idodo’s (1 available), offered by our friends from Ezezapps and I-Do Mobile Apps.

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