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App of the Week Honors for Sparky The Shark, Kwik Showcase and more…

This past week saw our old friend Sparky the Shark recognized by the team at Ansca as the App of the Week. I am very excited that Mark Newell and the rest of the team at Biscuit Interactive won this award because of the incredible work and time devoted to this excellent app. The talent and passion on display in this interactive storybook really brought Sparky to life. Kwik, Photoshop and Corona just helped get the app to the finish line and that includes being available for purchase on the App Store and Google Play. I invite you to check out Sparky the Shark, use it as a benchmark to the apps that you are creating.

While this is not the first Kwik made app to win this award (actually, 4 apps currently hold this title but who’s counting) it is a great demonstration of what Kwik is all about: to enable graphic designers, illustrators and others, rather than just developers, with the ability to create rich interactive mobile apps without using code.

The New Kwik Showcase

There have been a number of Kwik-made apps released over the last few weeks, they include: Frederick SpinThe Castle Ghost, The Musicians of Bremen and Princess Magic Mirror Toy Phone which was built in just 5 hours. I’m sure to be discussing them in detail over the coming weeks which brings me to the new Kwik Showcase.

The idea behind the new Kwik Showcase is to provide another opportunity for you, the Kwik developers, to promote your apps (old and new). It allows us to hold your work up as shiny examples of what can be achieved using Kwik, Photoshop & Corona. Think of it as another sales page where the search engines can grab new information about your product.

Here’s an example of what this means to you – search “Sassy’s Easter Adventure” in Google. You should see the Kwiksher.com page listed there around the 5th or 6th position on the first page. Now, of course we can’t guarantee these results for every title but we are working hard behind the scenes here to optimize the site so that it is more search engine friendly.

We will launch a Kwik Showcase submission form over the next few days where you will be able to enter information about your apps, upload screens and add video links. Make sure that you are following us on Twitter (@kwiksher) since that is where we will be making the first announcements of the form going live.

In the meantime, keep the recommendations for new Kwik features coming and remember to visit the Kwik Forums. You will find many answers to your Kwik-releated questions there. And if you don’t – feel free to ask, I will make sure to help you out as kwikly as I can 😉


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