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Results from the past surveys: monetization and new interface

In the past weeks many of you were very kind providing feedback and sharing information. Saying that, I think it is nice from my side to share the results of the past 2 surveys. Hope you see some value here!


82 users responded the survey about monetization. 3 questions were asked:

Have you published a paid app/storybook with Kwik? If so, how much did you earn?

20 users answered yes. Only one of the respondents made more than $1,000 in sales. Another one made more than $500, and 18 earned less than $500 since launch.

The third question for me was the most important one: Did you market your app?

As you can see by the numbers below, the majority of publishers are failing in promoting their creations. To those ones, I strongly suggest this reading here: Now you have an app. So, what’s next-


Icons for the new interface

The second survey coincidently was responded by 82 users as well. It was about preferences for icons in K2 interface. Since I changed the interface in version 1.5, I have received positive (“not distractive”) and negative (“too light”) feedback on the icons used. As I like democracy (and time is coming for creating a new interface for K2), I decided to hear from you. Below, the results:

66% prefers the monochrome version instead of a fully rendered version of icons and this is going to be the direction for K2.

Thanks again for your support!


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