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Interview with Ed Dalbello

This week my chat is with Ed, from JuluMedia, designer of “The Bunny with a crooked ear” and “The Star that felt from heaven”. I believe Ed is also the first Kwik user to use the multi-language feature! Congratulations Ed for making two apps almost simultaneously!

Tell a little bit about you and your company?

JuluMedia.com is actually a merge of two passions. The first is a passion for my two daughters, Julie and Louise (JuLu), for which I made several stories for them when they were little. The second is a desire to help children and work with compassion ministry. I work as volunteer for a great US Christian organization in Argentina helping needy children to have a better education. Consequently I have written books to give to these children, always with a positive, health Christian view. Adding to these, my hobby to play with graphics, learn few programs, etc, lead to the idea to transform theses stories into apps.

I cannot say Julu Media is a business. I have many ideas for stories, a great friend, Pablo Delfin, does the illustrations (also his hobby), and my family helps with narration.

My goal for Julu Media is to share my love for God through the beautiful stories.

What is the app about?

Our first app, “The Bunny with a crooked ear”, is a story of a bunny that has an acceptance problem because of his crooked ear. He tries clever and funny ways to conceal it with no avail. Then finally he discovers that God loves him just the way he is, and this encounter with God changes his attitude.


How did Kwik help you to build it? Any favorite features?

I love Kwik. I have three degrees, but none with programming. So I researched Apple, it was too hard for me. Then I found Corona, still over my head. When I found Kwik, it was the “cherry on top”, a breath of fresh air for beginners. Finally I could work with a program that does the coding for me.

“I can truly say that Julu Media was made possible because of Kwiksher.”

I like all features. A great feature is that they can be mixed. Sometimes I combine few and make them work for me.


Any trick/tip you would like to share?

It never gets old: Always backup!

I use the timer, actions and hide/show and make eyes blink instead of using several images/sprite sheets.

And I love the language feature, living in three different countries; I can use it for my benefit and share the app with all my friends.


What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?

Great! It worked like a charm since first day. I always get an answer when I email Kwiksher. Thanks.

What is next for you and your company?

I have written over 30 books for children, so as time permits, one by one will be turned into apps. There is one in review on iTunes: “The star that felt from heaven”. (see screenshot) And another one waiting for narration.


Note from Alex: It is really amazing to see Ed (and so many others) realizing his dreams and potential with Kwik. I wish you all the best! Thanks for your passion and friendship.

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