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Interview with Marmelada

To end this week interviews, I would like to share my conversation with Fotis, from Marmelada, the authors of The King with Dirty Feet, another storybook made with Kwik, available at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/king-with-dirty-feet/id501754179?ls=1&mt=8

Tell a little bit about you and your company?

We are a small group of individual artists (Author/narrator: Sally Pomme Clayton, illustrator: Martha Tsiara, music: Panos Ghikas, Interactive designer: Fotis Begklis ) that decided to work together under the name of “marmelada” (my old interactive design company) in the production of interactive storybooks for children and adults.

What is the app about?

‘The King with Dirty Feet’ – the picture-book and the storyteller meet inside an app!

The king has dirty feet, and his servant Gabu has three days to rid the land of dust! Help Gabu sweep, brush, and stitch as he tries to clean the kingdom. Funny, and charming, with a twist at the end, The King with dirty feet combines the best traditional storytelling with cutting-edge technology.

International storyteller and children’s author Sally Pomme Clayton turns her best-loved tale ‘The King with dirty feet’ into a dynamic storytelling app. Exciting narrative drives the app, so you long to know what happens next! Brilliantly coloured illustrations by artist Martha Tsiara bring dazzling landscapes and vibrant characters to life. Sally Pomme’s melodic voice tells the story, re-creating a live storytelling experience. The voice is set in an inventive and playful sound-world composed by Panos Ghikas of The Chap conjuring a vivid and humorous world.

How did Kwik help you to build it? Any favorite features?

Kwik made it very easy to build the app. I don’t know if I would be able to do it without Kwik, I feel very lucky I came across Kwik, my favorite feature is the seamless integration with Photoshop of course.

Any trick/tip you would like to share?

Always back up your work.

What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?

Very happy, Alex is very helpful and really cares about his product and his customers.

What is next for you and your company?

More interactive books with Kwik!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and all the success for you!


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