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Kwik by the numbers

This Saturday I will close the current survey about Kwik 2 (if you missed the chance to provide your feedback and have a chance to receive a FREE serial number for the current or future version of our plugin, do it now: http://www.icontact-archive.com/TJrllihCA_qG_jusHj0Yq2ukufVxREly?w=2). With that, I hope to move from planning to design phase. Meanwhile, I would like to share some facts, I just found today, visualizing Kwik 2 (potential) new features.

Kwik 1.0 (launched May 5th, 2011, after 4 months of design/(learn to and) coding)

19 modules (being 3 external Lua modules provided by Ansca: reader, toggle and ui, and 1 by Ricardo Rauber: director). 2 animation types, 4 button actions. Total lines of code (including Javascript, Lua and Actionscript): 5,543

Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 12.38.41 PM

Kwik 1.0 map

Kwik 1.8.7 (launched February 18th, 2011)

65 modules (being 9 external Lua modules provided by 5 different vendors, including Ansca). 4 animation types + 5 widgets, 20 button actions. Total lines of code (including Javascript, Lua, HTML, CSS and Actionscript): 23,647 (this represents 327% more lines of code than the original version!).

The “thing is so big” that I needed to take the snapshot with lots of zoom out:

Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 12.50.58 PM

The reason why I am sharing this info is to calm down some of you Smile already asking about version 2.

In the next week, I will start to blog about (providing more details) on the goals (and some features) established for Kwik 2. Therefore, it is important to mention that, several modules will be re-written (to improve performance, stability and to accommodate new resources), and this takes time.

For example, the original preview module (which reads all the pages and creates the Lua code for you) had 456 lines of code. The actual one has 4,133! In sum, anytime a “simple” feature is added, the four thousands and so lines need to be updated to accommodate the news. It is simply crazy!

Now that you know a little more about the behind scenes, I took a decision of NOT release version 1.9. Instead, my focus from now on is to bring Kwik 2 as soon as possible, but securing the correct amount of new and updated features, as well as improving performance and establishing a new user interface to support all the improvements. As you have noticed, Kwik grew up so fast, and several updates added complexities never planned originally. For the 2.0 and above, the plugin will be ready to grow in a much better, planned, way.

So, what about dates? My current plan (when coding phase starts it will be easier to confirm that) is to have a new version for late Summer. Closer to that I will announce/survey pricing model for new and upgrade purchase. Meanwhile, don’t stop your creativity and keep creating amazing new apps as you have done. Also, I will keep providing free support for Kwik 1.8.

Excited? I am! If you have some questions about what is coming, I suggest you to comment them in the new Forum space I just created at Kwik 2 User Questions

Comments? Always welcomed…


  • I just think it’s great watching Kwik grow into such a big piece of software. One day when Kwisher is the size of Adobe we can all say we were one of the first ones to start using it and help it grow.

  • Greg, I promise you the day Kwiksher is the size of Adobe you will get FREE upgrades for life! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Awesome. You’ve written an great program that let’s people like me, who are just learning obj-c, Corona and Lua, and who happen to have and know Photoshop, a way to easily make some pretty cool apps.

    I’m anxious to see 2.0. Can’t wait. Keep up the great work.


  • This is amazing! I am sure all this hard work will pay off. You deserve the best, Alex and the future is all yours for your great support and dedication.

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