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Interview with Sylvie Lesas

This week I had the opportunity to interview Sylvie, from Evigshed, author of two (launched the same day) coloring books, Funny Animals and Cartooning, with Kwik. Below, she comments on her experience. Enjoy!

Tell a little bit about you and your company.

Evigshed is an independent publisher digital press of interactive magazines, games and books concerning Art, Entertainment and Music. It started in 2010 through a blog with the idea of inspiring a love of learning and having fun at the same time.

What the apps are about?

Animals are my two first interactive coloring books for kids all ages and those who need to distract themselves. These coloring books let users interactively color pictures.


How did Kwik help you to build it? Any favorite features?

I did not want an application that was only select a color and click the drawing. I wanted to reproduce traditional gestures. I have a very limited programming experience and Photoshop is my main tool of production. Kwik has brought me the best solution with its coloring features. It is easy to use.

Any trick/tip you would like to share ?

The first instinct for us, non-developers is to want to use all features. When you start a project, keep it simple. Focus on the content than the technology. Take time to think carefully before you start.


What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?

Big thank you to Alex for this great product. He is a badass developer, the « must » who really thinks about non-programmers. He is very quick in answering questions, sharing useful tips on his blog (specially for marketing plans) and regularly adding new and original features. It is rare nowadays. What’s more? I am looking forward Kwik 2.0*.

What is next for you and your company ?

Coming soon, I will transform my two interactive coloring books into a story to read and to color. Then, I am going to create games and picture books for children.

*if you are interested in helping building the best new version of Kwik, please fill out the survey (you may get a free license) at http://www.icontact-archive.com/TJrllihCA_qG_jusHj0Yq2ukufVxREly?w=2

Thanks Sylvie for the kind words and success in your adventures!


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